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Thumbs Up DRIVERS pack

Thumbs Up DRIVERS pack

Join our latest campaign and give a Thumbs Up! for great driving. Starting in August IAM RoadSmart will be championing courtesy and positive recognition on our roads, be part of the campaign with this Thumbs Up drivers pack containing a large travel mug, in-car air freshener, windscreen sticker and pen.
The 'Thumbs Up For Great Driving And Riding!' campaign is a fundraising activity, designed to help IAM RoadSmart members and the wider driving and motorcycling community acknowledge, celebrate and increase courtesy between drivers and riders on UK roads.

Around the country we are encouraging drivers and riders to acknowledge and demonstrate their appreciation when another driver or rider lets them into traffic, allows them priority or gives them a helping hand - with a simple thumbs up. 

Money raised from the campaign will go towards a special IAM RoadSmart vehicle equipped with road safety merchandise and equipment, which IAM RoadSmart groups around the country can use free of charge for promotional events or displays through the year as they help spread the road safety message to young people and local community groups

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