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About us

Chorley Advanced Motorists (CAM) are a group of Advanced Motorists who have passed the IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driving Test and are keen to pass our knowledge on to others. We are one of around 200 local groups around Britain.

We were founded over 30 years ago.  You’ll find us a friendly, easy going crowd who will be pleased to welcome you.  Our group currently has around 70 members

We are a charity, and devote our time (and fuel) for free.  Every year we run four courses each of which lasts about 12 weeks.  People who come on our courses are Associate Members of the group, and become Members once they pass.

We encourage Members to train to become “Observers” and “National Observers” who guide Associates throughout the course.

We also have a social life – we regularly have dinners and social events such as go-karting, quizzes, clay pigeon shooting and off-road vehicle driving, etc.

Our newsletter and flyers are published regularly to keep our members and friends in touch with our activities – also check out our news page on this website.

If you’d like to know more about IAM RoadSmart, please click here.

Both IAM RoadSmart and Chorley group are Charities in their own right. Chorley group has the responsibility to run its own affairs, within a general framework of Rules drawn up by IAM RoadSmart.  Chorley Group is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart but is not a part of it.  Only Full Group Members (having passed the Test and paid Chorley group subscriptions) can take a part in the Group Committee and they must be current Members of IAM RoadSmart.

All Members of the IAM are expected to honour the name and prestige of IAM RoadSmart and uphold its long established reputation as a contributor to Road Safety and Better Driving.

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