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IAM RoadSmart membership is open to any driver or rider who passes our Advanced test, qualifies by exemption or joins through one of our business courses. Our community of members includes like-minded people of all ages from across the UK.

When you become a member, you’ll get access to an exclusive member benefits package, as well as opening up a host of exciting and fulfilling opportunities and challenges.

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Member benefits

In addition to improving your driving and riding skills, becoming an IAM RoadSmart member opens up a host of exclusive benefits which include:

  • A subscription to IAM RoadSmart Magazine, packed with driving and riding inspiration, interviews, news and more
  • Priority ticket access to our popular circuit-based skills days – a chance to further develop your skills with qualified instructors
  • Use of MIAM/FIAM/MMIAM (Member/Fellow/Master member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists) after your name
  • The chance to join your local group for social activities with like-minded individuals
  • Access to competitive insurance quotes with our partner, Cornmarket
  • Access to our shop where you can buy exclusive IAM RoadSmart merchandise items
  • Supporting us with our mission to reduce the number of people killed or injured on the roads in the UK
  • Access to exclusive member benefits across a great range of products and services
  • A subscription to our member's e-newsletter filled with tips, blogs, news, research, opinion polls, competitions and more

Challenge yourself

When you join IAM RoadSmart as a member, you'll have the opportunity to push yourself to three distinct levels of recognition. Each level has been designed to further enhance your driving and riding skills, starting with a F1RST and finishing with a MASTERS Distinction:


F1RST membership is attained by taking the advanced test for car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle and scoring 1 in every category. Existing IAM RoadSmart members may also take a Member's Assessment in order to try and achieve the all 1s score.

Find out more at: iamroadsmart.com/first


Our Fellow membership tier is open to all full IAM RoadSmart members, it provides you with enhanced recognition and benefits in return for your commitment to keep your advanced skills up to date by retesting every three years with us.

Find out more at: iamroadsmart.com/fellow


Take the ultimate challenge by becoming a Master Driver or Rider. Open to all full IAM members, our Masters programme provides true one-to-one mentoring to help you to attain the highest standard of civilian driving or riding ability in the country.

Find out more at: iamroadsmart.com/masters


How to become a member

There are three ways to join IAM RoadSmart and become a full member:

Purchase an advanced driver or rider course

Our most popular route to membership, providing a qualification for life. With a local expert mentor, you will develop advanced skills that enable you to pass our advanced test and become a IAM RoadSmart member.

Join via exemption if you hold a recognised qualification

IAM RoadSmart recognises a wide range of professional driving and riding qualifications. Simply pay an annual fee to access all the benefits and opportunities of membership.

Check if your business driver training is accredited by us

If you're a business driver, your training at work may already be accredited by us, and can include membership. Ask your employer today or click the link to find out more about the business courses we offer.