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The Committe's Role


The committee comprises of three teams:  Management Team, Publicity and Recruitment Team and Training Team with the Executive Committee comprising of members of the three teams.  

The Executive Committee sets the strategic direction and principal objectives and aims of the group and provides attendance at regional and national conferences and meetings.

The Management Team handles the day to day running of CAM making any necessary decisions between the Executive Committee meetings.

The Publicity and Recruitment Team promotes the aims and activities of CAM, recruit new members through advertising and "Alive to Drive" campaigns and raising the profile of CAM through various events.

The Training Team defines and sets the training policy of the group.

Anyone who is a paid up member of CAM and IAM RoadSmart may stand for election to the committee by obtaining a nomination form from the group secretary and be nominated and seconded by 2 group members.  Committee members are elected at the CAM which is usually held in September.

Our committee

Our Group is run by local volunteers who are all passionate about making life on the road more enjoyable. Meet our team behind the scenes.

Chairman                                                        Bill Evans

Vice Chairman          

Secretary                                                        Steve Rowlands

Treasurer                                                         Ruth Smith

Committee Member                                         Alan Whitworth

Training Team                                                  Chris Davis

Publicity and Newsletter Editor                        Louise Parkinson

Training Team                                                  Julie Whitworth