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Paul's story

One of our newest National Observers, Paul, describes the IAM RS advanced driving course from an Observer's perspective...

Paul narrow 2000 px resize v3"There are many positives to volunteering as an Observer but my favourite is seeing the initial change on week 1, when we introduce the system of car control.  It's great to see the theory we've introduced at the Induction Evening begin to make a difference.  Another highlight is seeing other lightbulb moments when something you're coaching 'clicks' and you see the smile spread across their face.

As volunteer Observers with Chorley Advanced Motorists (CAM), we're privileged to meet drivers of all ages and abilities and coach them for their IAM RoadSmart advanced driving test. They sign up for all sorts of reasons - younger drivers looking for ways of potentially reducing their insurance, grandparents who want to ensure the safety of their family on the road and nervous drivers who maybe find driving more daunting than they used to, to name but a few!  I enjoy seeing them develop and they all take something away from the course.

At CAM, we deliver the course over 12 weeks on a 'mass guidance' basis - in other words, the Associates go out with a different Observer each week.  We all coach slightly differently, so if one teaching style doesn't quite work for an Associate, then there's a good chance another will.  Also, we each have our own areas we like to focus on - mine's legality (speeding in particular) as any road traffic law breaches are fails when you take the advanced driving test.  For other Observers, it's different topics, such as checking your mirrors.  By varying the Observers, Associates benefit from our different strengths and coaching styles.

Someone asked me recently why they should do the IAM RoadSmart advanced driving course.  Undertaking an advanced driving course presents you with the opportunity to refresh your driving skills, and the system (IPSGA), when implemented, allows the driver to approach hazards in a more considered way, becoming a ‘thinking driver

For more information on the benefits of the advanced driving course, or details of what the course entails, why not speak to one of our friendly team.  Just contact us and someone will be in touch shortly. 

At the moment we have a special offer of £49 for under 30s which includes all practical on the road guidance, books, membership fees and test fee. For more information, please see our Discounts and Offers page.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure about taking the plunge and booking a course, you could always book a short taster session with one of our IMI National Observers to get an idea of what you can expect.

Whatever your thoughts, our friendly team would love to hear from you.