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A fond farewell to one of our Members/Observers - Neil Douglas

Posted on 14/06/16 |
Today is my last day of work in South Wales, and marks the start of a long slow move to Scarborough (long and slow as we have a house to renovate there, well assuming contracts are exchanged as expected).

Either way my days with SWAM are at an end, and I'm really sad I missed the last course due to a broken motorbike and the lengthy delay introduced by Thunder Road in fixing it - still, it looks rather beautiful now with new plastic everywhere (except the tank cover) and it doesn't overheat thanks to the new radiator.

Anyway, this post is a farewell, and I will then click "leave group". Ride safe and keep on the path of continuous improvement.
- Neil Douglas


David Meadows -  Thank you for your support and help with training.
Trust you will join your local group to continue the good work once you've settled in.
Do keep in touch and if we have a trip to Scarborough we will give you a call.

Best wishes for the future!

David Morgan - Good luck on future endevours!

Vivian Dazeley- Good luck Neil and ride safe!

Phil Colwill
- All the best Neil, take it easy!

Mike Evans - Good luck........ Ride Safe!

Dave Hexter - All the best Neil, I hope they fixed your speedo too 😄

Gillian Bean Morgan - Good luck xx

Martin Lane - Best wishes Neil