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Associate presentations made at a recent Club night 13/11/2018

Posted on 14/11/18 |

SWAM Chairman Mike Donovan presents certificates to associates who became members by passing their IAM tests at Tuesday’s meeting.

Two of the 15 receiving certificates gained firsts - Twm Draper and Tony Griffiths.

Twm, aged 20, is the youngest member SWAM has ever had, according to Mike.

Not all could attend to receive their awards.

Congratulations to all.

Test Passes
Tony Griffiths 1st Pass 20/02/17 
Mike Auden Passed 26/03/18 
Alan Rose Passed 19/04/18 
Mike Bailey Passed 22/05/18 
Twm Draper 1st Pass 24/06/18 
Andrew Draper Passed 27/06/18 
John Yapp Passed 25/07/18 
Graham Sparshott Passed 28/07/18 
Jason Hall Passed 12/09/18 
Rob Jones Passed 20/09/18 
Colin Bowen Passed 26/09/18
Nigel Dunn Passed 15/10/18 
Terry Morgan Passed 02/11/18

— with Jason Hall and 4 others.