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The Membership Register

Welcome to our latest new members. We hope you enjoy your association with Wessex Advanced Motorists and we look forward to welcoming you to our meetings, events and activities.

  Join DateTownLevel
 Andrew Bourne2nd September 2020AxminsterFull
 Richard Elborough24th July 2020ShaftsburyFull
 John Ratcliff14th July 2020SomertonAssociate
 Dr. William Cullen8th June 2020TauntonAssociate
 Charles Farrand19th February 2020TauntonAssociate
 Adrian Lavender18th February 2020TauntonAssociate
 Stephen Giggs28th January 2020MartockFull
 Paul Goulder7th January 2020Stoke Sub HamdenAssociate
 Stefan Sosna6th January 2020South PethertonAssociate
 Barry Dugmore5th December 2019DulvertonAssociate
 Garry Bayliss19th November 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Nicholas Laurie5th November 2019LangportAssociate
 Anastasia Murray4th November 2019YeovilAssociate
 Simon Martetts4th November 2019TauntonAssociate
 Keith Hayman30th October 2019Lyme RegisFull
 Caroline Killer17th September 2019Monkton HeathfieldAssociate
 Christopher Hooper19th August 2019WatchetAssociate
 Samuel Leitch9th August 2019TauntonAssociate
 Alistair Thompson6th August 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Sam Westmacott31st July 2019WatchetAssociate
 Felicity Underwood18th July 2019BarnstableAssociate
 Nicholas Brooker17th July 2019YeovilAssociate
 Mark Brooks3rd July 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Will James3rd July 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Taylor Stote11th July 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Robert Hayes11th July 2019TauntonAssociate
 Robert Boyle11th July 2019WarminsterAssociate
 Teresa Hill24th June 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Stephen Harvey12th June 2019IlminsterAssociate
 Nigel Short8th May 2019MartockAssociate
 Mark Blackburn26th April 2019IlminsterAssociate
 Graham Tuffey19th April 2019IlminsterAssociate
 Anthony Brunt12th April 2019YeovilAssociate
 Graham Tuffey19th April 2019IlminsterFull
 Mark Blackburn26th April 2019IlminsterFull
 Nigel Short8th May 2019MartockAssociate
 Stephen Harvey12th June 2019IlminsterAssociate
 Teresa Hill24th June 2019BridgwaterAssociate
 Roger Newton27th March 2019TorringtonAssociate
 Rachel Kingsmill8th March 2019YeovilAssociate
 Peter Dobbie2nd March 2019TauntonAssociate
 Roger Wilcox4th February 2019IlminsterAssociate
 Simon Scotting11th December 2018StogurseyAssociate
 Marcus Blackburn29th October 2018Huish ChampflowerAssociate
 Edmond Jones26th October 2018SparkfordAssociate
 Diana Singleton25th September 2018IlminsterAssociate
 Peter Oates21st September 2018StogurseyAssociate
 Anita Towlson6th September 2018WellingtonAssociate
 Naomi Pullin2nd August 2018North PethertonAssociate
 Michael Pinkney6th July 2018LangportAssociate
 Michael Fry-Foley5th July 2018IlminsterAssociate
 Susan Forbes22nd June 2018LangportAssociate
 Anna Crocker21st June 2018DurstonAssociate
 Andrew Hepworth5th April 2018LangportAssociate
 Christopher Houghton29th January 2018SpaxtonAssociate
 Carolyn Edwards20th January 2018MartockAssociate
 Sharon Blake19th January 2018South PethertonFull
 Alistair Gee10th January 2018WestonzoylandFull
 Richard Paviour-coward9th January 2018BarnstableAssociate
 Sarah Archer9th January 2018LyntonAssociate
 Maggie Jenkins2nd January 2018YeovilFull
 Chantelle Brett2nd January 2018BidefordAssociate
 Catherine Bellew2nd January 2018BidefordAssociate