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The Membership Register

Welcome to our latest new members. We hope you enjoy your association with Wessex Advanced Motorists and we look forward to welcoming you to our meetings, events and activities.

  Join DateTownLevel
 Charlie Russell22nd September 2023YeovilAssociate
 Fiona Stevens6th September 2023Castle CaryAssociate
 Justin Cole18th August 2023WestonzoylandAssociate
 Jed Taylor9th August 2023YeovilAssociate
 Peter Ansell14th July 2023MilvertonAssociate
 Mark Roy29th June 2023WoolavingtonAssociate
 Morrough Kavanagh20th June 2023TauntonAssociate
 Suzy Hansford4th March 2023BrutonFull M/C
 Stan Martin8th February 2023WillitonAssociate
 Paul Ellison6th December 2022WellingtonAssociate
 Kevin Hodge6th October 2022North PethertonAssociate
 Jack Cochrane22nd August 2022TauntonAssociate
 John Emery15th August 2022Combe St NicholasAssociate
 Philip Comer9th August 2022BicknollerAssociate
 Stephen Ward9th August 2022TauntonAssociate
 Robert Browning25th July 2022Curry RivelAssociate
 Nick Hall24th June 2022TauntonAssociate
 John Staples16th June 2022Over StoweyAssociate
 Jacque Scrivem30th May 2022LangportAssociate
 William How19th May 2022West CokerAssociate
 Rosemary Evans5th April 2022MerriottAssociate
 Celia Robbins31st March 2022TauntonAssociate
 Jon Evans17th March 2022MerriottFull M/C
 Charles Hunt17th March 2022OtheryAssociate