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About us

We are an independent road safety charity affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). We run courses and events in the York area.

Contact our Training Manager - IAN GORING    Telephone: 01904 700489   Email:

Whether you are a newly qualified driver or have many years experience we are sure that you could improve your driving skills, be safer on the road and reduce the chances of having an accident. The York Group of Advanced Motorists (now known as York Advanced Drivers) which was formed in 1982, is a registered charity run by volunteers and operates in York and the adjacent area of North Yorkshire. Improved driving skills lead to increased road safety, more relaxed and enjoyable driving.  We promote road safety by providing Advanced Driving Courses offering guidance to enable you to become a better driver and confidently handle the complex situations which occur as you drive. At the end the of the course you should be able to take, and pass, the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Advanced Driving Test. Since our foundation we have welcomed many members who, in addition to test preparation, enjoy SOCIAL and ROAD SAFETY events, and keep up to date with safe driving practice. Some comments by members about their experience with York IAM Group:

The course introductory morning was excellent - I met other people doing the course and the training team put us at ease.

It was great to meet the examiner and talk through the test procedure in advance, and with the rest of my course group.

I feel more confident when I am driving.

My driving is safer and I know I observe much better.

I am better at correctly positioning my vehicle, and I use my gears with confidence and greater smoothness.

I feel better about my driving.

My smoother driving is greatly appreciated by my family.

I enjoy my driving even more.

Please explore this website to find out how the York Group can help. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you continued happy and safe motoring.

Our GDPR Policy

Data Privacy Notice


The York Group of Advanced Motorists (YGAM) is committed to protecting and receiving an individual’s right to privacy, and as such complies with its obligation under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018).


This Data Privacy Notice explains how, when and why we collect personal data about individuals who join YGAM, (either directly or via IAM RoadSmart).  It also explains how we use the information, how we store the information and how we keep it accurate and secure.


Who We Are


We are an independent road safety charity, affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart), dedicated to improving driving standards and preparing Associate members to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test.  If you purchase an advanced driving course from IAM RoadSmart, and you live in the York area you will automatically be allocated to us to receive our guidance.


How Do we Collect Information From You?


There are four main ways we collect your information:

  1. When you purchase an Advanced Driving Course from IAM RoadSmart they will pass your basic details to us.
  2. If you joined us directly without going via IAM RoadSmart.  For example if you are a full IAM RoadSmart member who has moved into our Group area.
  3. If you provide us with updated information such as a change of address or email.
  4. We also add your achievements to your personal record, such as the date you pass the Advanced Test, become a Fellow, a Master or an Observer.


What Type of Information Do We Collect from You?


We collect very minimal personal information about you.  We receive minimal personal information from IAM RoadSmart when you purchase an Advanced Driving Course, including name, address and contact details.


We will add additional information to enable us to manage your journey with us such as your observers recommendations.


How do we use your information?


We use your information to:

  • Arrange and manage your Advanced Driving Course (our obligation arising from your purchase via IAM RoadSmart)
  • Inform you of any social or publicity events we are organising.
  • Send you our Newsletter.
  • Seek your views and comments on the service we provide.
  • To publicise your achievement on social media.
  • To seek your help at publicity events and other aspects of running our Group.
  • To inform you of changes to the services we offer, or method of delivery of our services.
  • To inform you of items that may be of interest, relating to your membership of our Group


How Long do we hold your information for?


We will keep your basic personal information while you are a current member of our Group.  Once your membership has lapsed your information will be automatically electronically archived.


We will remove parts or all of your personal information dependent on certain milestone events such as when you pass your test, your training records will be deleted.


We will keep a list of Advanced Test Passes for the Group (with just your name and date of pass) as this is part of our group’s history.  You can request to be removed from this list at any point (see below under Your choices).


Who has access to your information?


We do not share or sell any information outside of our Group.


Within our Group we have very tight controls over who can see and who can update your information, with all personal information access controlled by role and passwords.


We do not disclose your information to other Group members, unless specifically agreed with both parties.  We always use BCC on emails sent to more than one member.


We do not disclose your information with any other organisation, including IAM RoadSmart, without your explicit agreement.


Your choices and rights


You have a choice about whether or not you receive information from us (excluding the Newsletter which forms part of your membership contract with us).


On your initial joining with us, we will ask you to select your preferences on what you receive from us, and how (electronically or paper).


Annually when your subscription is due (31 March) we will ask you to re-confirm your preferences.


You can update your preferences at any time during the year, by contacting our Membership Secretary - Sue Kemp 07837 629717 -


See IAMRoadSmart's (HQ of the Institute of Advanced Motorists) Privacy Policy, and who to contact about central matters here: