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Chairman’s Chatter

Posted on 09/04/16 |

Those of you who receive a paper Newsletter will have had a pleasant surprise last month I’m sure.  The newsletter was printed in full colour in error – so I’m afraid it’s back to black and white this month.  Sorry to disappoint you.

Even though all the Covid legal restrictions have been relaxed, it hasn’t gone away by any means.  So each of us associated with the Bolton Group continues to maintain sensible precautions.  We haven’t yet been given any approval by Bolton University to return to an indoor classroom, so we wait with bated breath.

A new Driver’s RoadCraft was launched late in 2020 which is the one we now use.  However, we have a small stock of the 2007 and 2013 editions of Driver’s RoadCraft which are now surplus to our requirements.  All are new and unused.  If anyone would like a copy please contact me on  It would need to be collected from me by arrangement as postage would be too expensive.  First come, first served.

According to the Bolton News March 25th, Bolton Council has “launched a bid for up to £50 million government money to ease congestion around Horwich and Westhoughton.  The project will aim to improve the traffic capacity at the Beehive roundabout, the Spirit of Sport roundabout the A6 De Havilland Way roundabout and junction 6 of the M61”.  That is excellent news and I wish them every success.  However, in the BN Planning Applications section on April 14th, ALDI have submitted plans to build a new store – right on the Beehive roundabout!  The entrance will be on Chorley New Road (extra lane on De Havilland Way), the exit will be at a new set of traffic lights on De Havilland Way.  The real restriction is that Chorley New Road is single carriageway in both directions from the Beehive, so it matters not how many approach lanes are installed, 2 or 3 into one will never go easily!  On De Havilland Way within a quarter of a mile there will be Tesco traffic lights. ALDI traffic lights (approx 100mtrs from the Beehive roundabout) and the Beehive roundabout itself.  Traffic from ALDI will all head towards the Beehive, including some wishing to cross into the offside lane towards Bolton – again hindering traffic flow.  The transport assessment makes interesting reading and is wonderfully super optimistic – as you would expect.

I have tried to put in a link to the Transport Assessment but BMBC Planning portal prevents the link to the file.  So if you wish to view the document I’m afraid it’s the hard way - through the Planning Portal and searching for 13158/22.  Sorry, but I tried.

The ALDI Summary? The report concludes that: ’Overall, the proposed food store is forecast to have a modest impact upon the highway network as the proposed increase right turn lane upon the A673 Chorley New Road provides additional capacity benefits. However, the inclusion of the traffic signals on the A6027 De Havilland Way to control traffic exiting the food store is forecast to result in queues which reach back through the A6027 De Havilland Way/ Lostock Lane/ Mansell Way junction during the PM peak period.’ 

I spent many years working on traffic flows – it is a very imprecise science!   Roy Sammons