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Chairman’s Chatter

Posted on 09/04/16 |

After a few hiccups, those tests which were allocated to Examiners before Christmas have been conducted in January.  It is great news that we concluded 2022 with a total of 21 test passes, an amazing recovery over the 10 we had in 2021.  But for 2023 we have started with 3 passes (one of which is a F1RST) and we offer them our most sincere congratulations on Page 6!  This is an excellent result for all of the 24 Associates who trained during 2022 and became that better driver they wanted to be.  We have to thank our loyal Observers who have turned out on a Sunday morning come hail, wind, sun or snow!! 

Just a reminder that our February course commences with the Introductory evening on Thursday February 2nd, full details on Page 8.

Whilst inflation continues to trouble us all, at least we have seen a reduction in the cost of filling the petrol or diesel tank, though I’m not sure if the EV owners amongst us have seen a drop in the cost of recharging, but I suspect not.  There is no doubt that fuel prices in general in our area are 6 or 7 pence per litre cheaper than in other areas of Manchester and the rest of the country. 

On Page 10 you will see that the Department for Transport (DfT) has asked for public opinion on changes to the MOT.  One of these is to delay the first test from 3 years to 4 years.  It seems the fact that even one in 10 failures at such an early age is not a concern to them.  There is a link to the full consultation document, and to the survey you are asked to complete.  The document summary states that “fewer vehicles are failing MOT tests, there have been general reductions in the number of casualties in collisions involving cars and minor decreases in the proportion of collisions where vehicle defects are a factor.  Owners will still need to maintain their vehicle to a roadworthy standard and will, therefore, need to visit garages for servicing and maintenance.  Preliminary information received from an industry body suggests that about half of car owners combine an MOT with a service, though further evidence is being sought during this consultation to provide a more complete data picture and to try and understand whether those that combine MOT and service may neglect servicing if there is not a 3 year MOT requirement”.

.I’m sure that all of our members (and family) will have an interest in this topic and I urge you all to read the document and complete the survey before February 28th 2023.  Personally I believe that to base their decisions on casualties in collisions is incorrect, as many of the defects found on vehicles during MOT may not result in collisions eg a defective bulb.  I will personally vote to maintain the status quo, as I don’t think the system is broken.  I fear that for some people the only time a vehicle receives any attention is at MOT time.

Now a thank you to those members who have already renewed their subs for 2023 – that is over 100 of you, though around 20 less than this time last year. On Page 12 of this newsletter we tell you how you can find out if we have received your subs.  Sadly, if you don’t renew, this will be your last newsletter – we thank you for your past support and we will miss you.

                                                                                                         Roy Sammons