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Electric Avenue

Posted on 25/11/20 |

(A series of articles highlighting this new technology.)

It seems that something is being announced almost every day at the moment in the world of electric vehicles, with mainstream internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturers giving details of new models and upgrades to existing units, so we want to keep you up to date with all this new-fangled electrickery techy thingy, as only your dedicated newsletter team can!

Quick question.  What were the two best selling cars in the UK in March 2022?  Clue?  Well, they were both electric.  Still don’t know?  OK, we’ll tell you.  In the number two position was the Tesla Model 3 with sales of 6,457 and just pipping it to the top position was the Tesla model Y, with sales of 6,464.  Now this is from a car company that 10 years ago was almost unheard of.  The model Y was no doubt fulfilling pre-order sales, and who know how long the customers have been waiting for their cars, but it’s still pretty impressive.

One of our favourite electric cars is the Kia e-Niro, you might remember us doing a test report on this model during the first phase of lockdown ‘opening up’ and headlined ‘How to take a test drive under Covid restrictions’.  Well, this long-range favourite, has undergone a facelift, and the new Niro EV as it’s now called should be in the showrooms in the next few months.  Still with the 64.8Kwh battery, but it now has a few more tricks up its sleeve, like preconditioning the battery if you have selected to take you to a charging station, to maximise recharging speeds.  Plus, it has an updated app, that will allow controls of some of the cars functions remotely.

Remember that car firm called Toyota?  Yes that right, the one with the “Self-charging hybrids” and the hydrogen powered Mirai.  Well, they have only gone and produced an all-electric model - it’s got an easy to remember name called the bZ4X (could be an internet password!).  Anyway, it comes with lots of bells and whistles, like range of 317 miles, a 71.4Kwh battery and the ability of being able to take 150Kw rapid charging, so that’s 80 per cent top up in less than 30 mins.

Charging innovation company Duku have been looking at accessibility for their latest charger designs and want to make them as user friendly as possible for everyone.  So, the new version has been designed so that persons with disabilities can use them with the same ease as those who are able bodied.  Check out the latest information on just what they are doing via this link.

It’s hard to imagine, but it was just 11 years ago that Nissan introduced us to the idea of owning an electric car.  The original Nissan Leaf was launched, to a very sceptical motoring public, having a real-world range of about 100 miles - less in the winter, or if you had to use electrical items like the lights and windscreen wipers.  It was not really taken very seriously.  However, people started to notice that if you only commuted about 20 to 30 miles a day, and you had the ability to recharge at home, then this could be an inexpensive way to run a car, whilst also not emitting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.  Well, its taken Nissan 11 years to launch the next model, but at last its here.  Called the Ariya, it’s a mid-sized SUV that will compete in the very crowded sector with the likes of the Skoda Enyaq, Volkswagen id4, and the Hyundai ionic 5.  Costing from about £41,000 to a huge £58,000 where it’s into Tesla Model Y territory.  So, it better be good.  First reports from the motoring press are that it is!  With a 63 or 87 Kwh power pack it has a claimed range of 310 miles.

Ford, who at present have only one full electric car in their range, the Mach-e, have sort of announced that another three models will be joining the range.  One will be the Puma electric plus there’s going to be a medium sized crossover, plus a sport crossover.  Be interesting to see what makes it to final production.

Porsche have announced that its next mid-engine Cayman and Boxster will only be available in pure electric form, from around 2025.  They will join the excellent Taycan range, which has a huge following, and has really made a mark as an electric supercar.

The last Vauxhall Astra has rolled off the production line at the company’s Ellesmere Port plant.  The Astra has been a top selling car for the firm over the last 3 decades, but it is now all change, as the plant gets a reported £100 million makeover and is set to produce a range of electric vans.

Over 100 motoring journalists are looking to choose the “World Car of the Year” and the shortlist is dominated by electric cars.  The top three are the Kia EV6, Ford Mach-e and of course, the Hyundai ionic 5.  We will let you know what the winner is in a future issue.

Finally, if you’re thinking of “upgrading” to electric, please let us know, we’d love to hear what you are thinking of changing to, plus if you have any questions, just shout out!

Well, that’s it till next month, hope you like “Electric Avenue”, please let us know… Plus if there is anything you would like to comment on or have questions to ask, then again, just let us know….

Barry Sloan – Publicity Officer

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