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Electric Avenue

Posted on 25/11/20 |

(A series of articles highlighting this new technology.)

It seems that something is being announced almost every day at the moment in the world of electric vehicles, with mainstream internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturers giving details of new models and upgrades to existing units, so we want to keep you up to date with all this new-fangled electrickery techy thingy, as only your dedicated newsletter team can!

Well, dear readers, we are in the midst of another heatwave as I write this, not the temperature busting 40 deg C of the last one, but 4 days of 30+ deg C, so hot enough.  

So, what’s that got to do with what’s happening in the world of electric vehicles, I hear you ask!  Well, those of you who are lucky enough to have solar panels will know that when the sun shines, like it is at the moment, then you will be producing many Kwh of electricity.  The amount you do not use, like charging your electric car, can be sold back to the grid to offset power generated by either renewables, or fossil fuels like Gas and Coal.  For those who use the “tip” just off the A6 at J4 of the M61, you might have seen the large solar farm at the back of the tip, which is generating large amounts of electricity.  Now, this subject is a hot topic at the moment, ‘cause the price of energy is rocketing, and is set to rise a lot further in the next few months.  Even though of late, the cost of petrol and diesel have come down a little bit. Compared to buying oil-based fuels, electricity generated by renewables and if you can charge at home, still is excellent value if you have an EV (Electric vehicle).

Onto what’s happening in the electric car world, we’ve mentioned the electric MINI here a few times and the rave reviews it’s had in the motoring press, well, MINI have now confirmed that a new “Baby SUV” to be called the Aceman will be launched in 2024.  Still retaining that classic MINI shape, its likely to have a 50Kwh battery with an expected range of around 250 miles.

If you were at the Northern Electric Car Show last year, and if not why not!  Then you will have been wowed by seeing the two Porsche Taycans we had on show.  This model has proved to be a fantastic success all across the Porsche world, with huge numbers selling across Europe.  So much so, that’s its going to get a big brother, the new SUV will sit above the Cayenne, and looks like it will be a serious rival to the BMW iX SUV.  Speaking of the Taycan, its just been announced that a new software update being released will boost the range up to an extra 31 miles.  The update will apply to the 75,000 Taycans sold since 2019.

Arriving in October, Polestar is launching the next car in its line-up, the Polestar 3. The Polestar 2 has been a runaway success, (not withstanding a few software gremlins).  Priced from around £70,000 here in the UK and is set to be a rival for the likes of the Porsche Cayenne. We will be looking out for more details to bring to you soon.

Googling, is now a new word we all seem to do whenever we need to find out information for just about anything.  It’s been revealed that Google Maps are trialling eco-friendly options that will offer routes that will appeal to electric car drivers, but will appeal to those who want the most fuel efficient and eco-friendly routes too.  The tech giant has uploaded the app to its play store, there it details how the system could work, options are included for drivers of ICE cars as well as electric.  No details yet of when it will be available to the public, although rumoured it could be available as early as next year.

South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, have won so many awards for their Ionic 5, that I’m sure they have lost count.  Sister brand Kia, with the EV6, also are having a sales boom, and have orders for hundreds, if not thousands of cars due to the popularity of the EV6, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the next version of the Ionic range will be the Ionic 6.  Still in pre-production, and due to be launched next year, this will be a real Tesla rival, offering long range, EV performance, and a quality that the company has become known for.  We hope to be able to have more information for you in next months “Electric Avenue”.

If you’ve never heard of the car company Sono, we are sure you are not alone, but this company has designed a no-frills simple EV that might just catch the imagination of thousands of drivers who want to swap over to EV’s, but the cost to do so is just too much.  Called to Sono Sion, the production ready car has solar panels built into its bodywork to help charge it’s 54Kwh batteries.  Set to be priced from about £21,150, and a claimed range of 190 miles, the solar panels could extend that range by up to 70 miles per week.  Definitely worth looking online to see it and who knows, might just be what you are looking for…

Finally, if you’re thinking of “upgrading” to electric, please let us know, we’d love to hear what you are thinking of changing to, plus if you have any questions, just shout out!

Well, that’s it till next month, hope you like “Electric Avenue”, please let us know… Plus if there is anything you would like to comment on or have questions to ask, then again, just let us know….


Barry Sloan – Publicity Officer

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