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Posted on 27/01/21 |

This article was previously in the November 2017 newsletter, but it is repeated as it is important for all drivers to know what services are available to them in event of a collision,

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Did you know that if you have been involved in a vehicle accident that you can check the third party vehicle insurance details at the roadside?  Have you ever wondered if the details given to you by the third party are correct?

The free askMID mobile phone service by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) will help millions of accident victims a year to check vehicle insurance details at the roadside.

The 'askMID Roadside' service, which is only accessible via a smart mobile device at, can be used to check the insurance details of the other parties involved in a road traffic accident.

MIB Chief Executive, Ashton West, believes the mobile service will help these drivers and many others take some of the stress out of collecting important information at the time of the accident.

"Accidents can be harrowing experiences, but collecting accurate details at the scene of the accident is absolutely essential to making insurance claims for damage and injuries. The askMID Roadside service provides drivers with an instant check of the Motor Insurance Database (MID) from their mobile phone. This confirms whether the other vehicle involved in the accident is showing as insured on the MID and provides the other party's insurance details so that the claim can be pursued quickly."

Three simple steps to check insurance details after an accident at the roadside

1. Visit  from your smart mobile device,

2. Enter:
          -  Your email address
          -  Your vehicle's registration number
          -  The third party vehicle's registration number
3. Receive confirmation of insurer and contact details (on screen and to your email address)

The video links below might help explain things better

An introduction from Ashton West

A ‘How to use video’

Ed: This is an important aid for drivers who may be involved in a collision.  It is very easy to forget that it is available in the heat of such an event.  I myself forgot to use it when my car was hit on a car park and the third party drove off!!  Remember, it is only accessible via a smart mobile device.


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