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2023 Group Subscription Renewals

Posted on 30/11/21 |

Okay, so the $64,000 questions are:  ‘Who pays, How much and When?’

QUESTION:     How Much?  Nice easy question.

ANSWER:        You pay £10.00 for the first person at each address.  Each additional person pays only £5.00.

QUESTION:     When?  Again an easy question.

ANSWER         All subscriptions are due on 1st January

QUESTION:     Who pays?  This is where it gets slightly complicated.

I can answer the question by asking another - did you join the November 2017 course?

  • If the answer is YES, then you DON’T pay.  This is because your course fee included your 2019 subscription.
  • If the answer is NO, then you DO pay.

Remember, if you are an Observer, you must be a paid-up member of both the IAM and the Bolton Group to be covered by the IAM insurance.


Also if you don’t renew your subscription, the February 2019 issue of the Newsletter will be your last.


                  Single                                                            £10.00

                  Each additional person at same address    £ 5.00

Cheques/POs to be made payable to ‘Bolton Advanced Motorists’

(If you need a receipt please enclosed a s.a.e.)

In the event of the Group Subscription(s) having changed since the issuing of this form then the new subscription(s) will apply.

Please complete your Subscription Renewal Form (available from Roy Sammons if you dont have a paper newsletter) and send, with remittance, to:

Gary Whittle, 50 Albert Road West, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5HG

Payment by Bank Transfer

We are happy to accept payment for renewal or new subscriptions by Bank Transfer in addition to payment by cheque or cash.

Our Bank details are as follows:

Bank                       Yorkshire Bank, 17-21 Oxford Street, Bolton, BL1 1RD

Account Name         Bolton & District Advanced Motorists

Sort Code               05-02-77

Account Number      20729573

It is important that you quote your full name as your reference on any payment.

It is essential that members forward their completed 2022 Group Subscription Renewal Form to Gary Whittle by post or scanning.  (Please remember to sign the Gift Aid section if applicable)