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Course fee increase, can some of it be saved?

Posted on 30/03/22 |

Now we are sure that it has not escaped your notice, that the IAM RoadSmart course fee has increased to £175.00.  Up from the previous fee of £149.00, and with cost pressures also coming thick and fast from increases in Electricity, Gas as well as Petrol/Diesel and the general cost of living, the pressure for us all to reduce costs wherever possible is very attractive.

It has long been part of the reason for doing an advanced driving course, where drivers who use and drive to “the system” find an increase in fuel efficiency of around 10 per cent, should be achievable.

Using this as a starting point, just how much does a saving of 10 per cent amount to?

Let’s assume that a driver covers 9000 miles per year, and that a petrol engine achieves 40 mpg, and a diesel one 50 mpg.  At the time of writing the cost of petrol is about 162 pence per litre and diesel is 174 pence per litre, this then works out at £7.32 per gallon for unleaded, and £7.93 for diesel.

Therefore, doing 9000 miles per year a petrol engine car would need £1,648 in fuel cost.  A diesel engine would use £1,427

So, in the first year, the driver of a petrol engine car should save a whopping £164 and diesel £142.  That’s a good saving in the first year, and the savings will go on and on in future years.  Add to this less wear and tear, like brake replacements etc. and the course should pay for itself. 

Cover more miles per year, and the savings obviously come a lot quicker……

Barry Sloan – Publicity Officer

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