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Electric Avenue

Posted on 31/12/23 |

(A series of articles highlighting this new technology.)

It seems that something is being announced almost every day at the moment in the world of electric vehicles, with mainstream internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturers giving details of new models and upgrades to existing units, so we want to keep you up to date with all this new-fangled electrickery techy thingy, as only your dedicated newsletter team can!

The big news this month is that we are attending the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Bolton Station Open Day on the 6th July.  The station which is located at the junction of Moor Lane and Deane Road is one of the largest in the area.  There will be lots to see and do, and if you like to get up close with some really large Fire Engines, and let’s face it, who doesn’t then this is your chance.  Full details are not yet finalised, but we will be there, promoting our “Advanced Driver Course” and we will have other local organisations who will be there as well.  Come along and say hello!  It looks like its going to be a really great day for all the family!

The weekend of 25, 26 and 27th May sees the Fully Charged/Everything Electric show coming North for its second visit to Harrogate.  Hopefully, I should be there to see all the latest electric cars on show.  So, I can report back in our next issue to give you all the latest information about what’s happening in the world of electric vehicles.

There’s a debate going on about the way touchscreens are being used in all the latest cars and if they are better or worse than conventional switches/dials.  Consumer magazine “Which” has recently carried out tests on a number of popular cars both electric and standard combustion engine ones, and come to some interesting conclusions.  The main observation is that attention is diverted away from the road and onto a screen, this is in order to alter some of the basic functions of the car.  The main controls are all via touchscreen on Tesla models, almost everything is controlled via the large screen located in the centre of the car.

Interestingly, ROSPA said that between 2019 and 2022 distraction within vehicle incidents rose by 63% over that period and accounted for 4% of all reported accidents. In 2022 this resulted in 85 deaths and 899 serious injuries.  Although car infotainment systems weren’t singled out as the cause, the figures do exclude mobile phone use, and could be as a result of more complicated in car technology.

Have you seen the latest Kia EV9 on the road yet?  We have seen a few, which is not surprising as the UK’s leading Kia dealer is right here in Bolton. It is rather on the large side, think South Korean Range Rover size.  We are looking forward to seeing it’s little brother the EV3 in the near future, it’s being advertised widely on social media, and looks like a great design and one that’s going to be another big success for the brand.  As soon as its launched here we hope to get a look and bring you all the details.

There a facelifted Hyundai Ionic 5 released too, the latest version has all the “quirks” of the previous version sorted, like it now has the rear wash/wiper fitted, and the other things that have been slight irritations for users, but all in all this has just made a great car even greater.  If you would like to see just what the improvements are take a look at:

Finally, you may have read in the press recently, that sales of EV’s have been declining recently.  For a while now, sales have outstripped diesel models, and some manufacturers like Volvo have stopped production of diesel models altogether.  It’s true that sales have been in decline, but the reasons are varied.  The “put back” date for the sale of all new cars that are petrol or diesel to be stopped, has been moved from 2030 to 2035.  Also, company vehicles which have led the change due to generous tax breaks, have all but been taken up.  Plus there’s lots more EV’s now coming to the second hand market, so private buyers may be looking to save money by looking at them.  In additions car insurance premiums have increased all round, as well as repair and service bills.  This could have put buyers off changing the existing cars as well!  We may not get the full picture till all the facts and figures have been analysed, but one thing is for sure, and that is the cost of new electric cars is coming down, as the high cost paid by early adopters, is coming into line with that paid by buyers of petrol and diesel models.  Looks like we are going to be in for an interesting 12 months ahead, plus let’s see if a change of government or not, has any effect.

Well folks, that’s about it for this June edition, we hope you like the world class, award winning, journalism we bring you every month, not just this month, so look forward to seeing you again next month.  Until then, drive safe and remember to tell everyone about our fantastic, advanced driving course, next one starts in August!

Remember, if you’re thinking of “upgrading” to electric, please let us know, we would love to hear what you are thinking of changing to, plus if you have any questions, just shout out!


Barry Sloan – Publicity Officer

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