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What happens in the sessions

Observed sessions take place in your own car, unless an Observer wishes to demonstrate a particular technique, in which case they will take you out in their car.   

Each session lasts for around an hour and a half and introduces advanced driving techniques and skills on:

  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Motorway/Dual Carriageway

roads, learning and practising the techniques and skills from the course handbook.

In addition, there are two classroom theory sessions which introduce important concepts ahead of the driving sessions:

The Induction Evening:  takes place at the beginning of the course before the first driving session.  This introduces the system of car control in an environment where all you have to think about is what is being said, without the added complications of driving a car at the same time!  It provides the opportunity to assimilate the theory and to ask questions in a safe environment amongst friends.

The Theory Evening: this takes place in the fifth week of the course.  It provides another opportunity to discuss the system, this time as specifically applied to corners and bends before you cover them in the driving sessions (for the same reasons as before!).

We also have a
"Meet an Examiner" evening, where Associates meet one of the IAM RoadSmart examiners who will take them for their test.  The examiners are usually active or retired Police Class 1 drivers, so it’s an opportunity to ask all those questions you’ve always wanted to. 

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