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First Club Sunday in a long time was great

Posted on 03/08/21 |
33 members and guests for our return to club sundays- free bacon rolls, tea and coffee thanks to Gary and Linda. Rides and free assessed rides for some and lots of chat and laughter.
And then-
a few assessed rides- thanks and new member already signed up since!
This was fun- 10 of us set off to Roadford after club day in two groups- 6 first followed by a 4. We met, muddled, split, met again separated and arrived. Seems some hadn't fuelled up, some wanted to avoid Camelford and others wanted the old iron bridge detour. 😅 The last half of the first group arrived first. The second group arrived second and the first half of the first group arrived last- all within about 5 minutes of each other. Met some PAM riders there too- out for the day, via Dartmouth and Dartmoor. Coffee and great cake and much laughter after so long apart.
Next time I'll remember to take the photos.
How many ways to Roadford? This was my way- others did different. 😅😂🏍🏝

IMG_2794 2
Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 08.36.34

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