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Young Driver Scheme

60+ Driver benefits

The St. Helens Group is able to provide a fantastic £89 discount to drivers aged 17 to 35 who join the Group to take the Advanced Driver Course.

Due to generous donations, the Group is able to offer discounts and cash backs totalling £50 to those aged 60 and over who take the Advanced Driver Course. 

Member get member scheme

 The IAM RoadSmart member-get-member 'Sharing is Caring' page is now live. Here you can find more information about the scheme and also download vouchers to share with family and friends. Please visit the member-get-member 'Sharing is Caring' page here.

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Making an impact                                  

Autonomous cars: will we let them be autonomous?

Latest driving tips

The aftermath: tips from IAM RoadSmart

After being involved in a road traffic incident it is easy to lose confidence and the thought of getting back in the driving seat can be quite daunting. This week’s tips give advice on how to cope after the aftermath of a driving incident, from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

Responding to emergency vehicles

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Road safety charity the IAM is offering weekly motoring tips from Britain’s top advanced driver, Peter Rodger. This week he recommends top tips on how to respond when an emergency services vehicle is approaching

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