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Three ton trio - Observer recognition

Posted on 02/08/17 |

2017 is IAM RoadSmart's 'Year of the Observer'. Badges have been provided to recognise Observers preparing 10, 25, 50 or 100 Associates for the Advanced Driving Test. SHGAM has always operated 'multi-Observer' Associate 'Training' said Group Secretary John Matthews so we have based our calculations on the approximate number of Observed Runs conducted. We have determined that eight Observed runs (with different Associates) is the equivalent of preparing one Associate for the Advanced Driving Test. From left to right: Jim Cunliffe, Mark Farnworth and Alan Prescott, Observers for 26, 31 and 28 years respectively have each conducted over 800 Observed Runs each, equivalent to preparing over 100 Associates each for the Advanced Driving Test. 

IAM Inform 2nd August 2017

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