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Chair's update

Posted on 01/08/18 |

Hello everybody and welcome to the August edition of the Newsletter. As this is my first Newsletter since taking over as Group Chair, I thought I'd give you a bit of background about me and my involvement with SHGAM.

Born and raised in St Helens, I joined as an Associate for the September course in 2011, taking my test (and achieving a F1RST) in the November. I then trained and became an Observer with the Group. Unfortunately, at that point, life intervened and I was sent to work in Northampton for a couple of years. I returned to the Northwest, moving to Manchester. I set about becoming part of the Group again, although of course having to re-train as a now Local Observer.

I joined the Committee in November 2016 and soon afterwards was appointed and subsequently elected as Vice-Chairman at the AGM in 2017. I was asked this year by Mark if I would be willing to step up to being Chair (I think he deserves a break after seven years of hard work!).

Given the level of enthusiasm, warmth and dedication exhibited by everyone I've met who have been associated with SHGAM, I felt comfortable to step up and contribute to the direction of the Group at a time when driving standards and safe driving are arguably as important and essential as they've ever been (although, I'm not going to lie, I was equally very nervous!)

I am proud to be leading a Group which is consistently high performing, with an ongoing high pass rate, a healthy number of F1RSTs and an excellent attitude to road safety. Long may it continue!

Thank you to all those who attended our recent AGM and congratulations to Kate Riley, Jeff Fishwisk and Mark Farnworth for respectively winning the Associate, Driver and Observer of the Year competitions.

Here's to your continued safe, systematic driving!

Tom Field
Group Chairman