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Restart of Group Activities

Posted on 07/07/20 |

All IAM RoadSmart local car groups have received the go-ahead to restart activities. However, it is not yet 'business as usual'. Our next course nominally starts in September but since most of our Observers are not  returning to observing at the moment then the places available will be extremely limited. If you are considering doing an Advanced Driver Course with the St. Helens Group then get in touch and we can discuss. Any Associate classroom sessions will be carried out online - unless the situation changes and we are able to offer face-to-face presentations in a Covid safe way. We will also be be giving online presentations several times over the coming months that give information about IAMRoadSmart, the St. Helens Group and advanced driving.

Associate Guidance from IAM RoadSmart

IAM RoadSmart is pleased to announce that on Monday 20 July we can recommence advanced driver training. Your observer will be able to conduct your practical in-vehicle sessions with some sensible precautions. The following advice is to ensure we manage the risks still associated with the COVID-19 situation. We ask that if you fit into any of the following criteria you bring it to the attention of your observer immediately: 
• You have tested positive for COVID-19 and should be self-isolating 
• You are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
• You have been advised to shield or shelter as part of a vulnerable group or caregiver for a vulnerable person – See link for latest advice

• You are part of a household where residents are any of the above. 
The overriding principle must be: 
*If either party has ANY concerns the session should not be carried out*  
When a session has been agreed we ask that you follow the guidelines below:  
• All training must be on a 1:1 basis and no additional passengers will be allowed
• Be aware that, at present, the guidelines for leaving the house for other than essential reasons may be different in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please check your current regional restrictions which are constantly changing
• At your meeting place and stopping venues please comply with our safeguarding guidelines
• Remain outdoors as much as possible with recommended social distancing of at least 1m+ always maintained 
• Ensure your car/van is cleaned with wipes before the session paying attention to the areas your observer will touch, door handles, seat belt clasps, window buttons. Tell your observer this has been done. Clean the vehicle again after the session.
Know the COVID-19 safe procedures to follow at filling stations or shops; gloves, card payment etc. 
• Ensure you have enough fuel - try to avoid fuel stops
• Prepare a COVID-19 safety kit to take with you, such as alcohol hand gel, masks, gloves, tissues, plastic bags, etc. in case of emergency.
• Face coverings must be worn, it is mandatory on public transport as a control measure and will minimise cross-contamination where social distancing is not possible in a vehicle (It may be for medical reasons this is not advised, in these circumstances consider whether the session should go ahead)
• Your observer will be wearing a face covering and gloves, please do not be offended by this it is for the protection of you both
• Wear appropriate clothing for the session, it is recommended that arms and legs are covered
• Best advice is to keep windows open to circulate fresh air within the vehicle and avoid using re-circulating features on the ventilation system, this needs to be balanced with the effects of wind noise and weather conditions
• Try to enjoy the session even with these restrictions in place, your observer will be amenable to stopping for a chat where it is necessary and to allow you to exit the vehicle for this to take place
• If there are any changes to your condition after the briefing, please let your observer know. Cancel the session if in any doubt.