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Group update - April 2021

Posted on 02/04/21 |

The government has  provided a roadmap for coming out of the Covid-19 restrictions. In line with this roadmap, IAM RoadSmart has provided a  plan for the restarting of Group activities. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too far off before the Group can start running courses again.

If all goes well there are two important dates.

Monday 12th April - from this date, Observers will be able to meet to check each others driving and re-build advanced driving and observational skills. Many of our Observers have been self-isolating or driving much less over the last 12  months.

Monday 17th May - from this date the Group will be able to re-start Associate training. Associates - after this date, please let our Associate Co-ordinator, Alan Prescott, know when you would like to resume your training.

For all in-car training mutual agreement is necessary.

Group Committee
April 2021