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Chair's update

Posted on 06/10/23 |

Autumn has arrived and the colder weather is coming - at least in theory. (24° forecast for Sat 7th Oct!). What we can’t avoid are the darker nights so take extra care when you are out and about. It will well worth the effort of keeping your windscreen, side windows and lights clean so you can see properly and other drivers can see you.

As advanced drivers we should be planning journeys to unfamiliar places rather than typing a post code into our Sat Nav and hoping for the best. As we know, hope is not something we should rely on as drivers. Always better to have the general route written down on paper should the Sat Nav let you down and you find yourself being directed down a dirt track!

Remember that as a member of the Group you have the option of having your driving looked at by one of our Observers. Bad habits can always find their way into our driving and if nobody tells us about it we just carry on in ignorance until we find ourselves involved in a collision. The offer to look at your driving is there - take us up on it.

The Committee has been discussing publicity and recruitment. The difficulties of the Covid years are behind us. Our Observers have returned and we have some new Observers so we are in a good position to ramp up our      recruitment activities.

We would like to set-up a Publicity and Recruitment team to raise public awareness of our Group and what it does. You don’t need to be a member of the Committee or an Observer to be on this team. All you need is enthusiasm to ‘think out the box’.

Ideas could include but not limited to giving in-person or online presentations to social and charitable groups across St. Helens / Merseyside or us supporting these groups at their events. If you have organisational and networking skills to work alongside our Observers and Committee members then please let me know.

Well, that’s it from me. Safe driving and good observing.

Mark Farnworth
Group Chairman