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Chair's update

Posted on 02/04/24 |
Hello everyone and welcome to the April edition of the newsletter. A special welcome to David Reynolds, Michael Foster, Tom Oaks, Richard Gage and Simon Brook who will join our Spring course.

With at least five new Associates and some returning Associates our Observer team is going to be busy! I’d like to thank all the Observer team for their continued commitment and enthusiasm for what we do. Without you we would not be able to train Associates and we would become a stagnant Group.

We cannot remain static as a Group, we need to be proactive and take every opportunity to both raise awareness of what we do and become more efficient at what we do, to take advantage of new technologies, to become ’digital’ which is also a key objective of IAM RoadSmart.

We are making increasing use of Facebook to reach out to different communities. If you on Facebook then please support the Group by ‘following’ us. The chain of contacts from a single post can be quite staggering and its one of the best things you can do to support us as a member.

Our newly formed Publicity and Recruitment team comprising Val Cunningham, Garry Maddocks and Andrew Farrimond supported by our Treasurer Stephen Dumont and me has been making advances on several fronts in raising awareness of the Group and the benefits of Advanced Driving. The fruits of their labours are already showing. We were delighted to support the Prescot Fire Station open day, a very well attended event by the public.

A reminder that Group annual subscriptions are due. Please support the Group by paying annual subs. At only £8.50 it’s a small annual subscription but every little helps. Donations to the Group of any amount are welcome and much appreciated. Lets remember why we do what we do. .. to do our bit to improve driving standards and reduce death and injury on our roads.

Mark Farnworth

Group Chairman