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Trick or Treat? Advanced Driver Course for only £99

Posted on 31/10/16 |

Trick or treat


In support of THINK’s Country Roads campaign, launched today we have decided to offer our advanced driving and riding courses at a reduced rate of £99 (usually £149).


The focus of the initiative from THINK, is to alert people to the underplayed dangers and unexpected hazards when driving on rural roads..and what better way to learn the skills needed to recognise risk and hone overall ability.than our advanced driving courses?


USE THE PROMO CODE ‘COUNTRY16.’ The code can either be quoted over the phone when booking (0300 303 1134) or entered online when booking:

Breakdown of the offer and background of the Country Roads campaign can be found on our website here:

The offer ends 9.30am Wed 9th Nov

In addition, we are offering £60 cashback to SHGAM associates aged 35 or under  (once test is taken), again only until 9 November 2016

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