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Observer Recognition Awards

Posted on 11/06/17 |

2017 is IAM RoadSmart's 'Year of the Observer'. Badges have been provided to recognise Observers preparing 10, 25, 50 or 100 Associates for the Advanced Driving Test. SHGAM has always operated 'multi-Observer' Associate 'Training' so we have based our calculations on the approximate number of Observed Runs conducted. We have determined that every eight Observed runs (with different Associates) is the equivalent of preparing one Associate for the Advanced Driving Test. The following awards were made, from left to right: Phil Sharples (25), Ken Nevitt (50), Tom Field (10), Jim Cunliffe (100), Mark Farnworth (100), Alan Prescott (100), Frank Rigby (25).

Observer Recognition Awards

                                                                             Observer recognition badges

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