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Chair's update

Posted on 08/10/22 |

Our Autumn Advanced Driver Course has started well with a few new Associates alongside existing Associates. On Thursday evening, 1st September, we had an Observer meeting at the Mercure Hotel followed by the Course Introduction presentation - good value for money to keep costs down. 

The last few years have been difficult for the Group due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has, in varying degrees over time affected in-car observing and Observer availability. I feel increasingly optimistic that the Group is back on track. We are now meeting regularly at the Mercure Hotel on Sunday mornings and some Observers are taking Associates out on mid-week observed runs. In addition, over the last two months more Observers have returned to he Group, we have two trainee Observers and our Committee is back to full strength. In the last 12 months we have also changed Secretary, Treasurer ….and Chairman!

There is certainly a sense that the Group is moving forward. We have a great committee and observer team who work well together to help each other and our Associates. Our focus is to deliver the Advanced Driver Course as professionally as possible with competent and engaged Observers and a Committee that runs the Group well and looks to spread the better and safer driving message across our community.Indeed, we have plans to engage more with our community (e.g. the Pilkington and St. Helens College events described on page two) and to develop our social media presence.

As members, you can help the Group. Are you a member of another club / society etc? Would they like to hear a talk from us? Would you like some customised IAM / St. Helens Group leaflets for your local hairdressers, barbers, doctors surgery, library etc.? If yes, then let me know.

Well, that’s it from me. Safe driving and good observing.

Mark Farnworth
Group Chairman

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