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Read our useful driving tips provided by Mark Farnworth, Group Vice-President or from other Group members or IAM RoadSmart where stated.

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The use of the handbrake

If properly working, the handbrake ensures that a vehicle does not move of its own accord once it has been stopped. 

As advanced drivers, we seek to minimise as much as possible any risk to ourselves or our vehicles and so the handbrake is a useful tool in our armoury. It can be used to prevent a stationary vehicle from rolling backwards or forwards if the road is not level. It is considered good practice to use the handbrake at STOP signs, during prolonged waits or before selecting 1st or reverse gears (when moving from stationary). If the handbrake is used appropriately then any minor misjudgement of road surface level will not be a problem, which will ensure that any risk is minimised. 

Always remember, advanced drivers are NOT perfect drivers.

By Mark Farnworth

Disclaimer: Driving is never a black and white activity, but full of grey areas, therefore neither I nor my fellow Observers in the St Helens & District Group of Advanced Motorists are liable for any consequences you may experience as a result of reading our advice. You are the driver. You should be in control of your vehicle at all times.