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Covering the York area since 1997

What We Do

More and more riders are finding that the Driving Standards Agency test for a motorcycle licence is not sufficient to adequately prepare them for today’s roads.  Increasingly, the popular motorcycle press is recommending that riders take further training to equip them to better handle these hazards and the much more powerful bikes available today.  Even so, most of us have had no further training since passing our test. 

Why is this?  There are many reasons, but two of the most common are that there is nowhere nearby to go to and that it is too expensive.  We at York Advanced Motorcyclists address these two reasons directly. 

How Often do we Meet?

We offer training on a one-to-one basis and meet at a location convenient to the Observer and Associate. Once an Observer has been allocated to a new Associate he/she will stay together for the duration of the training. To arrange a meeting with the training team simply email and someone will respond to you. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Compared with the £100+ per day being charged by some organisations, we charge only a one off £215 membership fee. The price includes your associate membership for a year of the IAM and York Advanced Motorcyclists and test fee. 

We can do this because we are a club run by enthusiasts.  All our guidance is given voluntarily by members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.  They have received additional training to enable them to develop your skills so that you can yourself take and pass the Institute’s advanced riding test.  When you pass this test, fully accredited by the Driving Standards Agency and conducted by holders of the police motorcycle licence, you will be eligible for many IAM membership benefits, including reduced insurance premiums.

But most of all, you will have attained a level of skill which will enable you to ride quickly and enjoyably.  You will be much more aware of potential hazards and so the risk of an accident will be reduced.  You will gain from this heightened awareness and the satisfaction that comes from riding well - that buzz will be even better!

So, improve your skills and enjoyment by joining us, we exist to help you.

How To Join 

If you want to become a member of the York Advanced Motorcyclists here’s what to do. Email or contact our Membership Secretary.

We will tell you how to apply for the RoadSmart package, which includes your York Advanced Motorcyclists membership for one year, during which time you will be eligible to receive guidance on how to prepare for the IAM test at no additional charge. It also covers the cost of the test and your first year's subscription to the IAM. You will have nothing more to pay during that first year. Remember once you have signed up, you will be given the date of the next available theory session where you will start to benefit from our free advice and coaching to pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test.

But remember that from day one you will be part of a group of riders who enjoy their bikes, who ride for that enjoyment and who want to continue to enjoy that thrill for many years to come.

If you're not sure about joining right now, just email us and ask us for a free taster session so you can see if it's right for you.

If you want more information please contact our Membership Secretary.  

When can I start?

New Associate members start right away after signing up by doing their first observed ride. The Observer will explain how the ride will be conducted, how he/she will observe your riding from behind, what to do if you take a wrong turn, how a demonstration ride will be conducted if needed, and what will happen at the end of the ride. When the ride is completed your next date will be arranged to fit in with whatever schedule suits you. 


Within the Full Membership of the group we have several categories of trainers; Trainee Observers, Local Observers, National Observers, and Local Assessors. These are members who have received additional training and undergone, or are undergoing, a procedure of testing designed to ensure that the standard of riding within the group is maintained.  This team of people work with any Associate (person undergoing guidance to take IAM test), to get them “test-ready”. The number of rides you will need to get to test standard varies from rider to rider. All our Trained Observers give their time free of charge. However, for the first time in our club’s history due to the ever increasing cost of riding insurance, MOT.'s, servicing, fuel and general maintenance we now reluctantly ask for a contribution to help with costs incurred by your Observer. The current contribution is £10 per session to be paid directly to your Observer..

We train our volunteer observers to help give guidance to associate members and use the IAM recommended Observer Qualification system to achieve and monitor this.

The observed runs will be on a one to one or small group basis, depending upon the stage of your training.  Frequent debriefs and stops for discussion will be the order of the observed runs.  They will take place on a mixture of urban and rural roads, major and unclassified, so that all forms of riding are developed.  You will be advised when it is recommended that you should apply for the Advanced Test.  This depends totally on the standard of riding when you join and your speed of advancement.  You do not need to attend every week, although continuity is beneficial, and you will be expected to practice your ridings skills whilst attending and to make every effort to put into practice the advice given during your sessions.