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WD Ride to Wickenby Airfield - 14 / 03 / 20 - Alan Riddington

Posted on 16/03/20 |

Despite CV19, Squires was bustling with the usual tea, frothy coffee and the odd hot chocolate being enjoyed. Not a face mask to be seen but a few struggled to drink said refreshments through visor down headgear.

I have to say that as much as admire the ride leader for his ability in the saddle, my heart sank when he announced he was heading south….one illustrious member of the team, who shall remain nameless (A SAM impostor if truth be told) point blank refused to join us…!

Briefing complete, left out of the gate and we were on our way, past Ledston Hall, Brotherton and Beal Common we crossed the M62 towards Wommersley. All good so far, junctions beautifully marked and Pete’s managed to keep all riders neatly rounded up.

Flowing run down to Hatfield and the tea and pee stop awaited. A relatively empty car park greeted us at Sandtoft Aerodrome and the usual efficient service ensued. Not straying far from the opening theme one of our group contemplated how he was toODRide140320 (2) retrieve his Ryan Air stranded daughter from Poland, not sure the flying school are cleared for such missions. Down at heart he finished his cake and saddled up to head even further south. Alan Broom decided that enough was enough and that to head further south was downright reckless.

A short run on the A161 was required before exiting right towards Burringham…think the Romans had something to do with this stretch, just as some of us were starting to contemplate what to do with our squared off tyres things picked up as we circumvented the M180…Messingham, Kirton Lindsey, Waddingham and onto Moortown the bends were almost Yorkshire like.

Remember those square tyres, aside from quite a number of almost set square precise, 45 degree bends, this road definitely had Pontius Pilates descendants in the design team. Thank goodness it was only a short stretch and that a warm welcome awaited at the destination of Wickenby Aerodrome.

It was at this point that the ride motivation revealed itself, Bomber County, so it’s compulsory to visit as many aerodromes as possible. The latter has a great museum well worth a look if you have some tyres to square and are passing. More pertinent was ODRide140320 (1)the discovery that the ride leader’s brother has a light aircraft which said leader often co-pilots. He must have had his bike’s Sat Nav in his pocket last time they shared a flight. I guess pilots are less concerned about tyre profile, but more that they’re inflated and lowered at the appropriate point in the journey…

On a serious note a fantastic ride, some great roads which many had not previously explored and, most importantly, some fantastic company with lots of much needed laughter….well done Alan for Leading and Pete for bringing up the rear.

Copy of the route below.
Route 14 03 20



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