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Covid 19 etc - T5

Posted on 18/03/20 |

Hi peeps

I know you will all be very disappointed but in view of the recent email to all of YAM from Steve Duree, we have no real choice but to follow the advice and close the official T5 summer season until further notice.

Obviously this means that the keenly awaited T5 SOT mtg will not now take place on 11th April.

Just so you know we had a T5 Working Group meet last Sat where we decided that the main theme for this year would be to concentrate on Group Riding.

As this is in fact our main raison d'être and with a growing number of members from YAM training and imports from other clubs we thought it the most important thing to reaffirm.

We did all agree that if circumstances improve we could still have a get together later in the year to follow up the idea and in the meantime clicking here and on the subsequent links, will allow you to brush up on the T5 view of it all.

Although this has to be the official position, individuals may still want to meet and ride, which is of course their right and pleasure, respecting government guidelines.

We will of course monitor events and may have more to say in the future.

If you click here you will be able to share comments/suggestions etc. on the T5 News Page, for everyone’s benefit.

Meanwhile stay sunny side up and keep smiling :-)

Let's look forward to the time we can sally forth and see the countryside as above.



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