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OD Ride 16th Feb 2019 - Yorkshire Cycle Hub via Coffee Shop Ampleforth - Dave Burton

Posted on 10/03/19 |

With a sunny spring day forecast there was a good turn out of YAM Members at Squires, and just in time to be press ganged as Leader, Dave Burton arrived, with 16 riders electing to set off for the Team5 ride, Dave briefed the Team for an unplanned ride out to The Yorkshire Cycle Hub in Fryup Dale, with a T&P stop somewhere near Helmsley. With Chris Otter being ILL, getting Pete ready was, well shall we say steady, but eventually we all lined ready for the off. Paul Rushton electing to stay at the back ( he can gather all the misdemeanor gossip en route )

So off we go with a left out of squires then another Left toward South Milford, a few right / left turns ( All very competently marked ) saw the group emerge at the edge of the village, then a quick left onto the bypass before a right at the roundabout had us heading toward Cawood, Escrick, Wheldrake and Elvington, the group although large was keeping nicely together until a Left / Right took us up the the A1079 at 4 Lanes End for the Right / Left to Dunnington ( a halt to regroup needed ), through Dunnington up to the A166 for another Right / Left to Haltby, Warthill and the A64.

Now as we know the A64 is a busy road and today ( being forecast a sunny spring day!) was a tad busy to say the least, but with riders grouping up together for the Right turn and car drivers being courteous we managed to get out of the junction pretty well, then oops!! being in the wrong gear at the wrong time ( Not the clothes type of gear ) Steve stalled and, well you can guess the rest, but plenty of help was at hand ( wonder if any car drivers have got it on you tube yet ) the remaining riders soon caught up for the left turn toward Flaxton ( another regroup to check all was OK ).

While waiting Pete rang Chris Otter and as we passed the end of his driveway, 16 happy riders showed him lots of sympathy with plenty of vigorous waving ( I'm sure he felt better afterwards ), off we go to Sheriff Hutton, Hovingham and a left toward Coulton then Right to Gilling East, Oswaldkirk and Left to Ampleforth for the T & P stop at the Coffee Shop, where much mirth and mickey taking took place about the first part of the ride over refreshments.

Team Picky taken, we all mounted up for part Two of the day, only for 4 riders to go there separate ways, then we had the obligatory wait for you know who, and after some help T5160219getting his bike pointing in the general direction needed for the off, eventually we set off heading for Helmsley and Kirbymoorside then Left to Hutton le Hole, a right turn out of Hutton le Hole saw us come to a stop with the desired road to Rosedale Abby being closed, unlike last week we took a diversion route and the 'long way round' ( get it ! ) to Rosedale Abby and a run up and over the tops to Egton Bridge, here we took a Right turn for a 'long way round' route via some interesting roads to Goatland, left to Beck Hole then back to the A169 for a left toward Whitby ( destination change maybe??).

But no a left again to Grosmont and Egton Bridge ( mmm! We've been here before ) and a 'U TURN' saw plenty of riders waving again, as we passed each other, back toward Egton then Left for the A171 ( Guisborough signed ) before a Left to Stonegate, Leaholmeside and a quick change of leader as Dave Hardcastle jumped in to save us from another trip to Egton, to lead us through Fryup and into the Cycle Hub Cafe, after we had negotiated another 'Staller' in the driveway entrance!, Lunch was taken outside in the sunshine, and again plenty of mickey taking ensued, only for a chilly breeze to cool things off, Paul Rushton offered to lead us back to Helmsley for Ice Cream puds prior to everyone heading off home.

The usual wait ( Pete ) was extended as John Coe helped another rider out who had a problem with his Chain ( mmm! not sure what one of those is? Apparently not all bikes are Shaft Drive ! Really !!) but soon we were off and heading to Westerdale and the 'FORD' where Tim decided to not only to stop (stall) mid stream he had a DAB as well, hope his boots didn't leak :):):) , some riders then split off to head homewards via Kirbymoorside while we carried on over the tops to Kildale and pick up the Helmsley TT near Chop Gate and the run into Helmsley and the nice Ice Cream shop 'Ryeburns' for puds, much mirth and banter again ensued about Stalling, 'U Turns' and water crossing technique ( must be the weather brings the fun out in all of us ) before every one started making there own way for home.

Thanks must go to Dave Burton for an excellent short notice unplanned ride with the odd detour thrown in for good measure and Paul for not laughing too much and sweeping up the rear

Alan R


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