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TD Ride to Allerthorpe Lakes - 21st September 2019 - Anne Dufton

Posted on 05/10/19 |
Stuart Marston

This ride is dedicated to Stuart Marston, one of the well liked and active members of Team 5 who passed away recently.  Stuart led this ride earlier in the year and was due to lead it again this week before his sudden passing.  Anne Dufton replicated the ride and led it in his honour.

The theme this Saturday – across both the training and T5 teams- was “how to avoid the road closures” from the world cycle race.  Maps of the area with the cycle times & routes were created and appropriately displayed on the boards showing the spots to avoid and the overriding opinion was how to get out of Sherburn as early as possible, the destination was Allerthorpe lakeland park near Pocklington. With this in mind and after a short briefing by Anne Dufton 10 T5’ers left Squires promptly at 10am in brilliant sunshine and warm weather, tail-ender Tony.

T&P stop was to be at Clarke’s Easingwold so the first half was on familiar roads to most riders . Left At Sherburn and on the A162 to Tadcaster, onto the A64 for a short sprint and them off left towards Catterton, Healaugh, Wighill , and then a right at Thorp Arch towards Cattal crossing the B1224 with ease as there was not much traffic. All along the route there were signs for road closures with the appropriate race “officials” ready to put the dreaded cones in front of the roads we intended to turn onto, what would have happened had we encountered a closure is open to the imagination ; do you try it ? they are only cones and we are on bikes after all. In the end it was not relevant,  as we were slightly ahead of time we beat them all.  

 The A59 crossing before Whixley was trickier (traficky and a slightly staggered junction) , but all riders got across without problems. Then on the B6265 towards Boroughbridge, a right at Great Ouseburn and onto Alne bridge with the usual old bloke smiling at the bikes as he let us all free of charge. I love this bridge because its rickety structure shakes the bike to bits and if you have anything loose on it (including teeth)  you will know about it !!.

Then onto Clarke’s at Easingwold , parked the bikes in the car park and enjoyed the T&P stop on the benches outside in brilliant sunshine (team picture is from there). Although it 0was only a T&P stop, Tony was spotted sneaking in a pork pie (what a surprise). Suitably refreshed we set off for the 2nd part of the ride with 8 riders -exit Jude and Bob who had to attend to family & bike commitments.

This proved to be the best part of the ride. Endless sweepers, little or no traffic, brilliant sunshine and well-surfaced roads (mostly) - ideal conditions. Crayke, Brandsby, Hovingham, Slingsby and a right turn towards Welburn with a potentially tricky right turn onto the A64 (dual carriageway part with crossing junctions)  at Crambeck village. We carefully negotiated the turn , I think we got across in 3 bunches. Immediate left towards Kirkham Abbey, Buttercrambe, another tricky left followed by a right on the A166, Full Sutton, Fangfoss, Pocklington town centre and then the short hop towards the lakeland park at Allethorpe in good time to re-unite with the rest of the YAM training team and associates.

Breaking tradition in T5 rides all that was achieved without a single U-turn thanks to the planning of the skilful leader and her trusty DoraNav (picture attached). Some people20190921_130439 rode on to Fimber to meet with other YAM members , the rest rode home. 

All-in-all a fantastic ride in brilliant weather, thanks again to Anne and Tony for back marker duties.

Attached is the route , unfortunately it includes my ride to Fimber and then to home, so the route is the top half north & east of York.

Mike V 
TD Route 21 09 2019


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