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2/11/19 - OD Ride to Yorkshre Gliding Club - Alan Riddington

Posted on 11/11/19 |

Oh Heck I've been entrusted/cajoled/arm twisted to write the ride report for Alan's ride – a first for me. So don’t laugh, or do, and bare with me, here goes.

Let's start with the weather – it was fine with a slight glimmer of sun – it was not to last however – more of that later. Alan Riddington kindly volunteered to lead a ride to Ripley Castle and then on to the Glider Club. Pete Tidball took on the back marker duties for the day.
Six riders, including myself, set off at the usual 10am start time from Squires leaving many still watching the rugby and crying in their beer/tea/coffee.

We turned right out of Squires, first left out of Sherburn, through Saxton and on to Towton bypassing Tadcaster, instead snaking our way through Stutton, Bramham and on to Linton, through Sicklinghall. These were all good twisty little back roads made more interesting by the lovely weather conditions we've been experiencing recently: large puddles, mud, twigs, branches, leaves, road kill - you name it, we had it all. Alan was in his element, his off road skills coming in very useful. I'm sure I could hear him chuckling to himself or maybe it was my own nervous laughter I could hear. All the roads to Ripley were testing but fun – an excellent start to the day.

We took T&P at Ripley Castle cafe and we even sat outside as the weather was still being kind to us. One of our members, Judith, left us at this point and Judith,  you're barred from the cafe - even decaf tea is not free apparently! Don’t worry Pete kindly paid for yours so you owe him a brew!

Suitably refreshed, the rest of us left for the Glider Club and Alan had many more twisty back roads in store for us. From Ripley it was straight across the roundabout towards Ripon but then a right towards Burton Leonard took us on to some fantastic back roads which I personally had not ridden before, or have I? My memory is shocking!

ODRidePiccy021119Eventually we hit Boroughbridge and the rain. I said the fine weather was not to last.  This slowed the pace somewhat but we still made good progress with many junctions and turns not needing to be marked as being a small group we could keep together.

We arrived at the Glider Club safe and sound but very wet and ready for some dinner. Thankfully Alan headed for the hard standing to park the bikes much to my relief as I had not dropped the GS yet and today was not to be that day - phew.

A great ride from Alan one I would love to do again.

Thanks Alan and thanks to Pete for back marker duties.

Here's the route:
Phil Marshall

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