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T5 WD ride - Sat 1st Feb - Pete Tidball

Posted on 07/02/20 |

A ride led by Pete Tidball is always interesting, and today was no exception. Pete's plan for T and P, a new destination to most, was Beadlam Grange tea rooms and farm shop just outside Helmsey. Then on to the Manor cafe at Bellerby for dinner. Pete outlined the route in his ride briefing, explaining that we would try to keep away from any really high ground, as although the day was bright and dry, it was also very blustery.

The route would take us through various villages: Claxton, Flaxton, Sheriff Hutton, Farlington and basically any village with -on on the end. It all sounded great. Pete also explained that the T and P stop was a very nice place, but  a little on the expensive side. Cue coughs, splutters and change  rattling in deep pockets, true Yorkshireman style. 13 riders had turned out for today's ride, including new member Bob, a defector from another IAM group- Doncaster I think. He was under the watchful eye of Cedric the Great! (My check ride is coming up soon- a bit of flattery can't harm!)

Anyway, on to the ride. Mark took on back marker duties for the day, and Pete donned the leader's yellow vest. We turned right out of Squire's, out of Sherburn, through Cawood, and nipped onto the A19. Then turned right towards Elvington and the twisties to Stamford Bridge, where Pete led us through a bit of a housing estate to cut out the busy junction. Nice little trick- must remember that one! It brings you out just by the bridge. Over the bridge we went, taking the first right and on up toward and through Claxton, Flaxton etc… you get the idea.

Now, as we climbed a little higher, so did the wind become a little stronger. It's always great fun when you pitch into a corner and the wind says, ''a little more lean angle sir?'', to which I reply, ''AHHHHH!'' It all makes for an entertaining ride, but with a deft use of some positive steering and a few well placed expletives, composure was regained.

BeadlamGrange010220We arrived at out T and P stop for a welcome brew, as it turned out the prices weren't too bad. ( Well, no body fainted anyway.) The shop and cafe is a converted cow shed, so a bit on the draughty side, but done rather well. After refreshments, the group thinned out at this point. Bob got the nod from Cedric that he was up to the high standards of YAM and could stay. Welcome Bob! Cedric and a few of the others headed for home, with the rest of us carrying on to Manor farm cafe. Pete led us onto some great roads, including many not ridden by myself before. Eventually, coming into Masham and Layburn, all familiar but fantastic roads, leading us to our destination- Manor Cafe.

A brilliant ride once again Pete, many thanks, and thanks to Mark for back marking duties. See you on the next one.

Phil M.

The route:

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