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OD Ride to Brymor via Strid Cafe led by John Coe August 11th 2020

Posted on 20/07/20 |
Twelve T5'ers congregated at Garforth Garden Centre at well before the allotted time, keen for the off, .... though we did wait before we headed out of the car park in two groups, ( Jez being very alert, noted that there was 12, so an even split ).
Pete leading the other group, and I headed off with Alan on sweeper duties, ahead of him would have been, Mark, Jez, David and Michael and myself.
However, Michael's BMW developed a fault on start up and so headed off to Alan Jeffery's for some TLC, under warranty.

The route that the 5 remaining T5'ers took to the first T & P was pretty much old hat as we made our way to Collingham, and to be absolutely honest an error on my part as the section from Otley to Ilkley was awash with those other 2 wheelers with peddle power, and thrown into the mix, a fair number of cars, just to make it really interesting :-)
But, as luck would have it the group arrived at Strid T & P, all intact, apart from a minor skirmish with a motorcyclist and his partner, due to him being a tad slow in taking up the offer of progressing past a car.

After the break, David and Mark, headed off due to other commitments, though it might well have been down to the choice of route so far by the lead :-(

But, all was not lost, as the remaining 3 Amigos headed toward Kettlewell, and Alan even had the opportunity to test the BM's ABS, ... to Asgarth Falls, where we passed Pete's group parked up for their T & P, we carried on past Castle Bolton to Wensley, a quick right and then a quick left taking us to Middleham and then to Brymor's for that compulsory Ice Cream.
Michael was already entrenched on one of the comfy picnic tables when we arrived, and gave us the update on the BM's woes, all going to be sorted as the exhaust solenoid valve was the issue.

Suitably refreshed it was homeward bound, via Masham ( love that road ), Howe, Helperby  to Shipton - by - Beningbrough, where we went our separate ways.

Thank you to Alan, for volunteering as Back Marker, and to all those who attended on this Saturday at Garforth.

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