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T5 ride guidelines

Posted on 24/07/20 |
Hi peeps

This is an update from the email of 15th June covering the restart of T5 activities.  A clarification since we have digested riding guidelines and made a few changes.
I know we are all feeling frustrated about the Covid crisis and the hindrance to bike riding in particular.
Hopefully things will brighten up soon but in the meantime as we are part of the IAM we need to take into account it's current guidelines, which is admittedly particularly focussed on the training side, but we do need to safeguard T5 members as much as possible.
Apropos this, we've looked further and come up with comprehensive advice from  COMO  (Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations )  which includes the IAM and which has published a document specifically for Group Riding.
The essentials from T5 point of view are:
  • Ride numbers are limited to 6 peeps
  • Plan the route to avoid busy locations, traffic congestion and crowds
  • Take a packup with drinks and other stuff you need
  • Avoid meeting with other large groups of motorcyclists
  • Identify services like toilets and petrol stations on the ride and stay away from crowded cafes, where social distancing may be an issue
  • Take some Covid safety kit like alcoholic hand gel, masks, gloves etc.
  • Always practice Social Distancing of 2 metres off the bikes
Please do try and read the whole document, it's not very long, especially if you are going to be a ride leader, the section on Planning and Management on page 4 is particularly useful and I think is generally covered by our present arrangements and planning through the T5 website.
Now the public loo issue has taxed us for a while but the T5 Registrations Page has a link to a website identifying just that and could therefore be used in the ride planning.
Finally remember the T5 motto at the start of any ride, FTEB (Full Tank Empty Bladder) ;-)
We had a meeting with Dave Marsh, who runs Squires, to assess the viability of returning there from a Training Team and T5 point of view, unfortunately given these guidelines we have reluctantly decided against this option for now.
Dave fully understands our position and is looking forward to the time we can return, we are looking into this further and will of course review advice as the situation changes.
This is why we are currently using 2 locations to meet, viz: Garforth Garden Centre - Selby Rd, Garforth, Leeds LS25 2AQ and Monks Cross Shopping Park, Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York YO32 9GX
The T5WG (Team 5 Working Group) is continuing to monitor the whole situation and we will update you as things become clearer, also there is a Zoom YAM committee meeting on 8th August and the plight of T5 is on the list.

I know it's all very hard but hang in there, despite all this we can keep riding and have fun!

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