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OD ride #2 - 24/10/20 - MonksX to NY Moors and back - PeteTid

Posted on 30/10/20 |
Well I looked at the OD ride #1 going to Malham and I thought aiming for a drier ride would please fellow travellers so a course between the rain in the West and the wind on the East coast was devised.
Probably distanced about 100 metres from #1, I was Billy Nomates for around 1/2 hour, watched #1 go and waited some more, thinking is the rainy route putting them off?
However, I kept faith and along they came, almost all of them in fact!
Well what a wiggling going on, having plotted the route fairly quickly even I hadn't travelled some of the little roads, mud, gravel and grass, we traversed boldly that were on the route.

Through Brandsby and up to that glorious road down to Hovingham and on to Nunnington Hall over the A170 Thirsk to Scarborough road to try our luck through the often challenging Ford near St Gregory's Minster, a fascinating little church with a wooden gated porch and a very short basic Norman tower Church piccies, but we were thwarted, no water to be seen!

Making our way across more mucky roads, this area is still predominantly arable land and the earth is much disturbed at this time of year.  We passed through Gillamoor that has a sign at the end of the village called Surprise View and it is, suddenly looking over the valley of the River Dove in the NY National Park before plunging down the steep bank and over to Hutton le Hole where we broke for T&P, excellent & free loos :-)

Onwards and Upwards, literally, as we strode up to Castleton via Blakey ridge and then West through Ingleby Greenhow to meet the Stokesley/Helmsley TT 2 to 3 miles from Stokesley.
Well I'm sure that all Yorkshire bikers know this road and relish in its ways, well we did, but there is more, we were not held up at all the over the next 18 miles and that doesn't happen often!

Adjourning up in the big car park near the Helmsley walled garden for lunch, we were amused by the collection of extremely muddy cyclists arriving after whatever it is they do to get that mucky.  Good natured lot though, much bantering about our differing forms of transport and how muddy we could get.
My top box seems to have inveigled its way into the piccy ;-( 

Lunch devoured in really quite good weather for the time of year we set off for Fimber 
for the final treat of the day, it might also be the final days opening for this year :-((
Back through Nunnington, along to Slingsby and up through part of the Castle Howard estate to cross Malton, on via North Grimston to the blessed Tea Cabin.  Amazingly the rain only really started at about 3 pm when we wended our various ways home.

Excellent varied T5 OD type ride, all enjoyed :-))
Thanks to Jezz who 'volunteered'  to sweep up cos he was wearing that jacket ;-)
Here's the route (includes my way home - apologies):

Tootle pip

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