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Team 5 End of Term Zoom Meeting - 14/11/20

Posted on 29/11/20 |
T5 Term meetings have been a feature of the activities now for a good many years, but this is the 1st conducted remotely via the Zoom software.
Much discussion was had on the technicalities of running it, in the end some technical confusion eliminated the intended control of proceedings but owing to the good manners of all attendees it went very smoothly!
Those of you who missed it, well your loss I'd say ;-)
Many thanks to all who attended, including all the presenters and Mark Johnson who generously technically hosted the meeting from his company's fully licensed Zoom account.

Here are the Notes of the proceedings:

Résumé of EOT mtg

  1. There were up to 27 attendees out of a total of 72 active members of T5 plus the speakers
  2. Mick Elsworth updated Training Team activities:
    1. All now on a one to one basis
      1. Much better management for Observers and Associates and has a place in the future
      2. Success rate at least comparable with previous years
      3. 1 trainee observer on the brink of qualification and 3 more on the way
      4. 8 test passes, good result considering the year
      5. Active Observers meet to offer support to each other re training issues
    2. Several attendees mentioned the lack of camaraderie of meeting @ Squires, acknowledged by ME
  3. Mike Vournas gave a brief résumé of Club accounts, all running smoothly, a quiet year with Income circa £400 , Expenditure circa £600
    1. Also update on T5 Check Rides, similarly good, up to date for the T5ers who actually turn up, 9 checks in all
    2. Of the 8 test passes, 7 have already been on a T5 ride and the other, only recently qualified, is intending to do so (100% recruitment!)
  4. Chris Otter gave an update on Club and T5 membership:
    1. 17 new members joined during 2020, 12 of which were new associates.
    2. Last year it was 34 of which 29 were new associates
    3. Total membership now is 163 with 78 T5 members.
  5. Graham West gave a brief overview of T5 rides since Lockdon1
    1. There was encouragement that we managed to conduct 37 ides out of 38, 1 was TD ride was cancelled; 3rd Oct was the wettest day since 1891!
    2. There were 9 different starting points, TD, 5 and OD, 4
    3. The total number of peeps riding was 296, the max/min riders for TD was13/4 and for OD 15/3; which means the TD had 7.6 peeps per ride and OD was 7.9
      One intrepid rider managed 16 rides whilst at the other end of the range it was just one
    4. Impressively the number of leaders was 9 for TD, 14 accumulating for OD
  6. Nigel Atkinson gave the view from the North Yorkshire Police (NYP) re restricted riding under the Rule of 6.
    1. NYP were most interested in what happens at the start, end and intermediate stops, and would issue a disbursement order if there was a complaint about the numbers being more than 6 at any location or an intent to prosecute if the group refused to disperse.
    2. Commenting on the latest COMO advice that it is OK to ride out with one other person, as when rules were being relaxed after Lockdown1, he advised that he thought this interpretation of the current rules was inadvisable, but a matter of individual interpretation and responsibility
  7. Ian McNeill gave an overview of the IT matters of the last few months
    1. A new database system was being introduced by the IAM which has not been a particular success from YAM/T5 point of view as some of the fields we use to run the club had not been migrated, we await developments.
    2. The T5 registration system had been modified several times as government guidelines changed but has served its purpose very well.
    3. A suggestion from the floor that we could call the rides ½ day and all day instead of TD & OD rides was made and was appreciated
  8. Other comment from the attendees
  9. Rendezvous
    1. Multiple locations was approved
    2. Inclusion of Squires for a location
    3. When appropriate meet @ Squires on a regular basis as well as other locations
    4. Revival of Regalia
      1. Symor volunteered to look into it
    5. Social aspects
      1. Suggestion we should try more regular T5 Zoom mtgs
        1. Martin Eason volunteered to run an Xmas quiz
    6. Resources
      1. Suggestion that we should have a SatNav route resource which found much approval

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