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Annual Christmas Do

Posted on 14/01/21 |
Well not quite Christmas, a leetle bit later, the day after New Year in fact.
Graham West has of late organised an Xmas do around the end of November and blinking great were they, with food 'n' fun, a band even with dancing!
Party piccy above must've been from 2019, not a lot of SD on show :-)

Well we all know what's happened this last year.....not a lot :-(
So Graham forged ahead with the Zoom tech and organised a virtual event instead.
Martin Eason boldly offered to run a quiz for us during the T5 End of Term (EOT) meeting before Christmas, offer snapped up immediately of course.

And so it was, after general chit chat, which was really nice in itself, faces and voices not seen for far too long drawn from all parts on the YAM family, also interesting nibbles and drinkies were observed, keeping up the festive spirit ;-))

Martin set about the quiz with zest, now I used to be nay bad on the odd quiz question.....not this night, I was useless, in one section I only answered one question correctly and the answer to that was Fanny Craddock, DOH!

The questions covered a wide range of subjects and much virtual head scratching and jubilation was evident.
Something for everyone regardless of age or interest.....good job Martin.
There was a little jovial suspicion at the end when our esteemed organiser came top with 16 ½  heh heh.

All in all it was a reet good do, it was noticeable how the joviality grew over the evening, nothing to do with the nibbles and drinkies I'm sure.

So many thanks to Graham, Martin, all attendees, coupla dozed I'd say, and to Mark Johnson for hosting the Zoom.

Sorry no piccy, just couldn't work out how to take one of the screen on my tablet.
Looking forward to riding out again with y'all - keep the faith!


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