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The T5 Inaugral ride - Masham - Chris Otter - 22/5/21

Posted on 25/05/21 |

Well post Covid inaugural anyway, yes folks the first time T5 has set off from Squires in a year?
Over 20 T5ers assembled in an allotted place @ Squires to demonstrate compliance with the Rule of 30 and 14 of them set off on the ride, led by the intrepid Otter!

It was a strange day, not for the ride but for the occasion, nostalgic, nervous, new, would we remember each other’s names?
In reality it was just grand and almost like nothing had happened, smiles, chat, laughter and the Squires drinks.....

Anyway Chris gave a briefing like a real trooper, best one I'd heard for well over a year ;-)  And we set off, just like normal down and through Sherburn, over the somewhat swollen Ouse and wiggling over to the A19, just like always.  It still seemed a bit weird, but with the good old first person drop off operating pretty much flawlessly, familiarity was easing in.

I can't really describe the journey up to Plenty (Tasty Snacks) @ Boroughbridge, suffice it to say it was that circuitous we kept having that dejavous moment repeatedly and so to Boroughbridge where parking behind Plenty was a bit of a squeeze. Plenty220521

A few of our number had somewhere else to be after refreshment and so 10 of us carried on up to Masham via Pateley Bridge, yes stretching the half day concept just a little, but no complaints cos the ride was just brill.  It was during this run over the tops after swinging up Gouthwaite reservoir (comfortingly full!) that the full easement became apparent, a whole line of bikes not restricted to 6!  Excellent we were back to 'normal' :-)

Masham was in full market mode and most amazingly we all got to park outside the takeaway hatches of the Bordar House tearoom, well say no more, scranner was acquired and consumed, luverly.
A few more of the party headed for home after lunch leaving a faithful 4 to wiz down to Brymoors just to make sure it was still there and apply quality control to the ice cream.

Rain?  Not really a few spit and spots, although at Ripon on the way back there was a biblical torrent for 5 minutes, hey, wot about it?

An excellent ride from Chris and all enjoyed it immensely.
Can't wait for the next one!

Here is the route:


Tootle pip

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