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John Coe’s full day ride to Bagby, via Stokesley, 5th June 2021.

Posted on 13/06/21 |

It was a good turn out on Saturday at Squires, two full day rides departing from there.

The other ride organised by Mark, with the bonus of Graham c/w keys, and his RT, a long story which I’ll leave for now.

Mike volunteered to do the honours of sweeper, and the balance of the group made up of Tony, Chris, John, Phil, Mark and Shane.

The pre ride brief boxed off and a rough routing plan presented, ….. rough due to the uncertainty of my grey cells and my old SatNav staying on the same hymn sheet for the second leg to Badby.

The routing to Stokesley was very much old hat to the group, luckily traffic was fair light so decent progress was made, but, I think by the time we arrived at Stamford Bridge my Merry men weren’t too happy with their leader.

The reason for the discontent, understandably, was good ole Italian electronic’s and my left rear indicator had failed, and I was oblivious to this. They bless them, had put it down to poor riding on my part, as a debrief at Stokesley shed light on the issue.

A interesting encounter with Bambi just outside of Stamford Bridge proved a worry as, where there’s one there’s always another unseen waiting to cause mayhem, on this occasion Bambi and pal bounded back the way they had come from, Tony was hoping for a Venison supper though.

Not wanting to take up too much of your precious time, I’ll move on, Stokesley was a pleasant experience and apart from Tony ( bailed out at Helmsley due to sporting commitments), we found a spot in the car park and enjoyed the wonderful weather, and a T&P.

The ride to Badby didn’t quite go to the plan, as a slight error put the routing onto the southbound carriage way of the A19, still it gave us a chance to get some air flow through our riding gear if nothing else, and after 4 miles it was back to those lovely county lanes, …. left turn hand signals played their part too.

John C 2After a light tea/coffee and scone( c/w all the trimmings), John and Phil headed homeward, and Chris was good enough to lead the remaining 4 to Fimber , for that treat, of a brew and a sticky bun.

I thank all those that attended, and with luck the profile of the group will grow, and draw some attention by making Squires the choice of start point for our rides, but there are times when alternative’s are handy when those extra few minutes in bed take precedence :-)

Apologies for absence of a route, and hope the photo’s make it.

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