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John Coe’s ride to the Yorkshire Dales. 11th September 2021.

Posted on 13/09/21 |

A pleasant Saturday morning greeted 15 T5 ers for the full day ride to Manor Farm Cafe at Bellerby.

The 15 T5 ers, were, Mike, Martin,Judith, Shane, Jez, Gary, Dave, Chris, Tony, Nigel ( doing the honours of back marker duties ), Pete,Phil, David, Symor, and yours truly.

The routing was as per the ride description, those well used roads, sadly, the original T & P of Fewston Farm Shop & Cafe couldn’t be used, so, another favourite of mine, Strid Wood Tea Rooms at Bolton Abbey slotted in nicely with that well used routing.

After the pre ride brief, but unfortunately, maybe the brief was too brief, and maybe in future, the T5 photo should be done with all present, more on that later, it was time to saddle up, and I unwisely picked on Pete and used him as a reference for being ready for the off, .... well, he was first at the top of the car park ready to go before I could blink :-)

We left Squires heading toward Sherburn, at Lotherton a left and a quick right to Aberford, Collingham, Linton, Sicklinghall, Otley, Ilkley and onto the A59. It was at the roundabout at Bolton Abbey that one T5 member headed off along the A59 toward the west coast, at time we assumed that he had spotted a rider not with our group and followed them, instead of taking the next exit toward our T & P. With a poor mobile signal at our stop, Chris was unable to contact the wayward member, communication was established at a later time and all was well, thankfully.

After our refreshments 9 of us headed off toward Bellerby, the balance of the group having other commitments, and as luck would have it , Tony’s cricket match had a successful conclusion.

The B6160, taking us toward some great villages, Burnsall,Kilnsey, Kettlewell, Buckden, Thorably to Aysgarth, up Sissy Bank and to Bellerby and Manor Farm Cafe, which not overly subscribed.

A few T5 ers, wanted a trip down memory lane and opted for Spam in their , bun, luckily, that wasn’t the only filling in their bun :-)

Suitably, refreshed we headed homeward stopping off at Brymors, as we do, where Gary was reunited with some of his fellow Harley chums out doing a recce for a forthcoming ride out.

It was time to head for home, and after leading decided to go tail end Charlie, well I ended up the day being a right Charlie, as I managed to get bogged down royally with local traffic heading to Masham, and so had a lonely ride home,.....ahhhhhhh!

Thank you all for attending, and hope enjoyed the day and, that your journey home was a safe one, a special Thank You to Nigel for doing a fine job of backmarker.

Stay Safe.

Ps,....I did put this together last night but managed to loose the whole report, trying to add the photo.

I’ll ask one of our wonderful IT guys to add the photo for me.

T5 Sep 11



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