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NY Moors romp - John Coe - 16/10/21

Posted on 21/10/21 |

14 adventurers set of from Squires on a middling chilly morning last Saturday, but the threat of rain was minimal, led by the indomitable John C preceded by a good briefing, including the junction bunching plea!

We all welcomed 2 new members of T5, Chris Hore, recently passed and Michael Lobban, joining us from the White Knights blood group and existing IAM member.
The 1st stop was to be @ the Yorkshire Gliding Club and a warning about the state of the White Horse Bank twister mentioned leaves and mud :-(

Undeterred we hung a right out of Squires and left towards Aberford after crossing the A1M, all going smoothly, roads were dry and mud free, pace was brisk.  Skirting Bramham and Clifford (bit posh, and 20 mph for ages), making the Boston Spa twiddle, (so hard to mark the right turn onto Bridge road in the middle of the town), we rode past Thorpe Arch, current haunt of the Observers.

It was somewhere near Walton where the oldest member of the group performed a double U-turn, never been heard of before and whilst marking and then unmarking a turn, I know we say U-turns are a way of life for T5 rides for ride leaders, but this was ridiculous!  It was rumoured that a couple of other marks were not entirely successful or missing but we all re-grouped eventually.

Rockin 'n' Rollin across country Aldwark bridge was rattled over and we scooted across to Easingwold and thence through Coxwold to Byland Abbey by one the most delightful roads in the area.  This author had a suspicion of the next turn after Byland, left onto the 'backway' to the foot of White Horse bank, a little trickier than the roads erstwhile, passing through Oldstead of Michelin Star Tommy Banks and now the Hairy Bikers fame.
Well the ascent of the said bank was as tricky as ever but leaves predominated over mud so we all sailed into Flying club safely and the Cafe, a favourite of Ceders (how much?) and guess wot the joyful Sarah was back in residence ;-))

After tea break, lunch for some, most of the gang headed up onto the Moors proper passing through Hawnby where the somewhat eccentric Post Office also caters for travellers in the garden over the road in the summer, and eventually joining the Helmsley /Stokesley TT, always a pleasure sometimes a bit frustrating following slower vehicles along the double whites but the clear road is a delight as well we know.

2/3 miles from  Stokesley a very tight right hander took us down the bank and across to Castleton, a brill romp, up to the A171 towards Whitby and down the B1266 into the North end of Sandsend, some to the Cafe overhanging the beach and some to the Chippie the other side of the river, all good :-))

Well after tucker a few of us still hadn't had enough so the decision was made for the needy, we set off for Fimber Woods Cabin for a final drinky and a piece of Margaret's wonderful baking.
Alan Riddington as a 'celebration of returning to the T5 fold ;-)' offered to lead, it was the perfect route down to the inimitable caf, down the wavy coastal route and across through Troutsdale and Snainton, Yedingham and Sledmere and thence the classic whiz to Fimber.

A great day, roads good, some gravel and the odd Brazilian granted, good weather, good company and great leads from John and Alan, and Nigel very competently hearding the gang.

Here is the route:


Tootle pip

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