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Wolds bimble - 4/12/21 - Mark Rodger

Posted on 08/12/21 |
Bit wet, bit cold but 4 determined loonies, (look right)Team
set off to Seaways and Zoom by the more interesting roads across the Wolds.  I say set off, well Mark set off with a will and didn't really slow down throughout the ride, apart from the usual obstacles. 

Following one of the few routes out of Squires we breezed through Sherburn, Cawood & Escrick, passing under a Stratocumuls Radiatus cloudStratocumulusRadiatus and across country to Stamford Bridge, we all know how satisfying the bendies are; and goody, up the Buttercrambe TT, never tire of it.  However, not for long 'cos we hung a right to Leavening and Thixendale oh yas and the tortuous Stelvioesque left hander necessary to cross over to Fridaythorpe, also passing the spot where during a biblical storm a few weeks ago we encountered a tree across the road on the final ascent.  There was a  tricky negotiation involving holding said tree back to let bikes through where yours truly fell on his derriere whilst performing this courtesy, hilarious!  

Funnily enough there weren’t many other bikes at Seaways, but the merry crew warmed, and topped, up ready to set off again, was the rain starting to slacken off?
Off through Fimber, Tearoom Cabin closed :-( then back down to Wetwang and back left through Huggate and Warter, somewhere in this vicinity is the stand of trees immortalised by our very own Yorkshire painter, David Hockney a native of Bridlington and now California.

On to North Dalton and a right down to Middleton on the Wolds, just in case we had forgotten where we were, the bit from Middleton to Market Weighton seemed to be particularly troubled by mud MuddyBike it being a more arable farming area than the pastureland further up and the odd rear end wiggle was enjoyed by all.
The final romp down to South Cave and thence the cruise to the Zoom caf was enjoyable, the rain had actually stopped, where we found the long lost Observers presumably having emerged from their hidey hole somewhere near Thorpe Arch ;-)

Now the food is very good at Zoom, mebbe a bit pricey for some Yorkshire folk with short arms etc. but I have a feeling that the prices have been eased back a bit since the first time I visited? Mark insisted we had piccies of the dishes we enjoyed and here they are:-

 Phils    Marks    Als    Mine    Phil Chomping

You will notice that the last piccy is of Phil chomping on the first piccy :-)

BTW if you click on any of the leetle piccies in this piece it will expand into another window - cunning huh?

Well, a great bimble in a bit of rain, you know what I always say, "If you don't practice riding in the rain, what're you going to do if all of a sudden you find yourself in it out on the bike?

Thanks to Mark for the ride, we all enjoyed it tremendously.

Here is the route:


Tootle pip

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