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T5 + ride to Easingwold & Pocklington - 11/12/21 - PeteT

Posted on 17/12/21 |
What does he mean '+', well you might not believe this but the plus was some members of the Observing community, oh Yas!
Well it was the 2nd Saturday in the month see, when we are graced with the presence of some Observers most of which joined us on a chilly morning but no rain.
Pete gave the briefing and mentioned the assessment of risk, as it was rather nippy, to underline possible hazards on the ride.

Unusually I will be brief, so down to the outskirts of Sherburn and across to Aberford, Bramham, Tadcaster, Cattal, Little Ouseburn and Easingwold where despite the fact that I 'phoned the Olive Branch cafe on Friday to say up to a dozen bikers would be arriving late morning, they all looked a bit confused.  Never mind we mostly ended up upstairs where we had the whole room to ourselves so mega social distancing :-)  Oh and the fud was good too.
A few of our number buzzed off after the refreshment and the solid troopers set of for Crayke, Brandsby and down one of my favourite downhill zooms into Hovingham.  Across to Terrington and up another favourite (bit tortuous in places) to the Great Lake on the Castle Howard estate.  On to join the B1248 to Malton and then, and then, the whole of the Buttercrambe TT, always worth doing ;-))

Crossing the A166 we dove down to Fangfoss and the lazy sweep to the edge of Pocklington drawing up at the Mile Farm cafe where more good grub was chomped and warming fluid was guzzled.

And do you know what, I don't think there was a single drop of rain during the whole ride! :-))
Good old romp I'd say, but then I would, and thanks to Adam for so reliably sweeping up at the back.

Here's the route:


Tootle pip

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