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Alan Beattie's Ride to Hebden Bridge/Lancashire/Yorkshire Dales 23rd April 2022

Posted on 25/04/22 |

Eleven Riders signed up for the ride. Alan Beattie (Leader) John Coe ( Back Marker) Symor Skilbeck, Nigel Turton,Chris Otter, John Cowles, David Burton, Gerald Houston, Brian Lydamore, Laurence Turner, Graham West.

Squires was quieter than previous weeks, the weather was a bit grey and gloomy but the forecast was a low risk of rain, brightening up throughout the day. The briefing took place with an overview of the route (or maybe a bit more). I explained the original first T&P had changed and that we would be stopping at the Ivy Kitchen St Ives Estate near Bingley instead of Woodbank Garden Centre. The reason being when I did a recce of the route the Ivy Kitchen was preferred but no actual parking at the cafe, the car parks close to the cafe are chargeable even for motorbikes. I emailed Bradford council to see if there was an alternative solution on this occasion as we like to support local cafes. I was surprised they responded with an alternative for us to park Free of charge at the cordoned off disused Courtyard 50 meters from the cafe.

Safety of the ride in the briefing took place mentioning that some of the Junctions especially the one into Hebden Bridge was fairly tricky, therefore I would pull over prior to reaching it to re-group so marking could be avoided and hopefully we wouldn't lose anyone in Hebden Bridge.

We all lined up and let another group of riders clear the car park before we set off.

Turning right we headed to Towton towards Tadcaster, turning left to Stutton, crossing the A1 at Bramham heading to East Rigton & Keswick onto the A659 turning right at Harwood traffic lights onto the A61 then left at the bottom of the hill back on the A659. We took the 1st left after Arthington onto Creskeld Lane to Bramhope crossing the A660, taking the York Gate road that runs alongside Chevin Forest Park over the crossroad at Menston then taking the smooth twisty scenic roads to Bingley. On turning down the planned road to Bingley the road was closed with a diversion in place the sat nav re-route function took over and got us to the first T&P with no dramas.

As explained at the briefing the car parking arrangement may look like I was breaking an entry with having to move the security fencing to gain access to the Courtyard.

After all parking in the VIP’s car park we walked the short distance to the Ivy Kitchen.

On returning to the Courtyard I had a senior moment with a confusing left/right guidance on the direction to leave the car park which was pointed out! (I new which way)

We all lined up and re-secured the Courtyard as we found it and headed out of the St Ives Estate encountering again the severe speed humps out of the estate.

The next section took us to Oxenhope taking a sharp left over the tops onto Cold Edge Road a single track road past Warley Moor Reservoir. I pulled over at this point as the current Sat Nav route ends opposite the reservoir we had entering an area that shows there is no road at this point. I loaded the next route where the road re-started again presume there must be part of the road that is not an adopted Highway?

From here we negotiated some interesting roads & junctions slowly heading towards Hebden Bridge. Graham filtered off at this point. As discussed we all re-grouped prior to arriving at Hebden Bridge. Through Hebden Bridge the route was to double back on ourselves to Heptonstall Road which is a road to the right going through Hebden but no right turn is allowed, as directed by the road signs we needed to filter left then turn back to the junction therefore meeting some of the group coming the other way.

This manoeuvre was discussed later was it a U Turn? (Photos attached)

Preceding to Widdop lane onto Ridehaigh Lane took us past Widdop Reservior with some daunting drops thereafter as we climbed the hills with a lack of safety barriers at the side of the roads. This did not seem to deter the Astra GTC I was initially following which could only be seen in the distance leaving us all behind maybe a local that knows the road!

Lunch was near Colne at Lakeside Cafe, Symor filtered off for fuel just prior to the stop as the Ducati only has an 80 mile range so by now quite low on fuel, to rejoin us all at the cafe once fuelled (no fuel stations on route)

Parking was straight forward here, we all enjoyed lunch, Laurence the Full English Breakfast looked excellent.

Awaiting for Symor to rejoin I was getting a little concerned as the Postcode of the Cafe does take you to a slightly different place as I found out when I did a recce. We were all please to see Symor rejoin, it was getting close to Chris volunteering to go in search.

After Lunch John Cowles left, 9 remaining riders set off to Pateley Bridge.

Taking a North East route initially on the Skipton Old Road turning right towards Lothersdale over the tops, taking in some of the most spectacular 360 views of the day we took several very enjoyable roads down towards Carleton turning right onto the A59 avoiding Skipton. At the 2nd Roundabout we turned left to Grassington Road (B6265) then within a short distance a right turn down Brackenly Lane onto Eastby/Barden/Howgill re-joining the B6265 past Stump Cross Caverns into Pateley Bridge.

On parking the bikes in the designated area in the car-park everyone proceeded to there favourite Ice cream shops or Pie Shops, which was well deserved after all the twists and turns we had been encountered all day.

AB1Re-grouped friendly banter took place while we were enjoying the ice creams: someone mentioned West Yorkshire was better than expected! Maybe a few more junctions, twists & turns less motorways! Was it classed as a U Turn at Hebden Bridge?

Many thanks for everyone attending the ride and hope you all enjoyed it thanks for the excellent junction marking by all as there was plenty. The route is one that I’ve planned for a while but have been waiting for the better weather, which we had with no rain and clear views all day.

I apologise that I was late indicating at a couple of junctions for whoever was behind me at the time, I nearly missed them!

Thanks John for volunteering and carrying out Back Marker duties, keeping us all together to the final destination and for the Ice Cream at Pateley Bridge.

Also thanks Chris for taking the lead back towards York, one by one we filtered off at different points home.

I will try and upload the route after the excellent session held by Chris on Thursday and hopefully use Base Camp for my next route.

See you next time


AB Thumb

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