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Paul Rushton's A Northern Adventure 29th of June 2024

Posted on 30/06/24 |

Saturday morning dawned with damp roads and overcast skies, but with promise in the air. Riders for today's ride arrived in one's and two's, most tucked into breakfast rolls with hot brews as they enjoyed the conversation and preride banter. As 10.00 am rolled around, we drifted outside to receive our preride briefing from today's Road Captain Paul Rushton. After mounting up we lined up ready for the off, taking part in today's adventure were Chris Otter, Phil Marshall, Brymor Lydamore, Pete Tidball, Lawrence Turner, Mark Johnson, Andrew Curtis and as back marker myself.

20240629_091336The first and lunchtime stop was to be the Root's Farm shop and cafe up't north in East Rounton. Leaving Thorpe Arch we set off up the Roman road towards Cattal, keeping in mind that the roads were wet we set a sensible pace, crossing the A59 to take us up through Whixley to the B6265, turning right then a quick left we rode past by Queen Ethelburgur's, the bends immediately after settled everyone allowing us to get our eye in. Up next was the aptly named Boat lane leading to the Aldwark bridge and the left turn for Aldwark. Up ahead in quick succession, we had Flawith, Helperby, Cundall, and Asenby, from there following Wide Howe Lane, we went through Baldersby St James to reach the A61. At times along the way, we had the occasional drop of rain however, everyone was now settled, and we continued at a brisk pace. Turning right on the main Thirsk road, we continued on through Baldersby, across the River Swale to the A61 roundabout, turning left on the A167 to ride through Kirby Wiske, South Otterington to the outskirts of Northallerton. Taking a half circle clockwise, we missed having to ride through it. Rejoining the A167, we then turned onto North Moor Lane and linked onto the A684. This fast flowing road encouraged us to set an energetic pace north. The only hamlet on the way was Winton. Shortly after we turned onto the oddly named Featherbed Lane, now heading for East Rounton on an even narrower lane, we arrived at Roots Farm shop and cafe. Although the car park and cafe were busy, we managed to squeeze all the bikes in and seats in the marquee.

Departing easterly we made for Stokesley, then joined the B1257 ( Stokesley - Helmsley TT) this road in either direction is always a joy to ride, wide road, flowing bends great scenery. The pace was swift and the overtakes spirited, on arrival at Helmsley we initially20240629_144311 continued along the A170, however, at the Sproxton bend we joined the B1257 all the way to Hovingham then Slingsby, there we joined the Slingsby Bank and the Stray leading to Castle Howard. We continued through the Howardian hills to reach the A64 for a brief spell to cut across the lanes onto Ongams lane, following this zigzagging road to cross the river Derwent, onwards through Kirkham, Langton, North Grimston, now on the B1248 to Wharram le Street and an opportunity to enjoy great scenery on the Rapid ride down for the last stop for today Fimber. With brews in hand, we settled down to enjoy the sun, which had appeared some miles back. The banter covered today's adventure route, along with tales too embarrassing to recount. A big thank you to Paul Rushton for leading us out on today's rideout and adventure.

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