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About us

We are a registered charity affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists and we passionately believe that our roads can be made safer by improving the skills and understanding of the people who use them.

Car Section

The ‘Advanced Driver’ course and the advanced driving test isn’t exclusively about safety  – it encourages the driver to feel confident on the road, make good progress and to get greater enjoyment from their driving experience.

Bike Section

Thousands of motorcyclists complete the IAM Advanced Rider course every year. Bikers’ feedback is impressive – the experience is enjoyable, the coaching is excellent, and bikers often say the course was one of the best things they have ever done.

If you’re passionate about biking, or simply want to stay safe on two wheels, then we can help give your skills a boost. Advanced riding will improve your technique, increase your ability and confidence, and ultimately get most out of the whole riding experience.

What We Do in the Bike Section

When you join us as an Associate, one of our team of Observers will contact you to arrange your first observed ride and start the process of guiding you up to Advanced riding standard. You’ll ride out with your Observer as many times as you need, at whatever times and however often you decide between you, until you’re ready for the IAM Test.  You’ll also get the opportunity, once a month, for an observed ride with another Observer, one you may not have ridden with before.

But there’s more!  We’re not just an IAM pass production line; we also have a social element. There’s a social ride-out once a month (sometimes more than one), when you can ride with like-minded people who take their riding seriously – the emphasis is always on making safe, smooth and systematic progress with some of that indefinable thing called “sparkle”.