Councillor's Opinions on Road Safety

Research report posted on 19/02/16 |
Safer Roads and Mobility

The IAM sent a survey to every councillor in the UK in 2013 to find out their views on road safety priorities. Over a thousand responses were received showing a variation of priorities often distinguishable by parties.

Overall the IAM was pleased to see that road safety is still viewed as a priority for most UK councillors. Local councillors have a crucial role to play in shaping the UK's road network and improving road safety. Local authorities are responsible for 98 per cent of roads and have a legal duty to maintain roads and promote road safety. Councillors set local strategies and sign off transport budgets.

The IAM wanted to find out local councillors' views on a range of road safety topics including priorities for transport and road safety, plans for investment over the next year, views on 20 mph, road safety targets and central government's approach.

The IAM sent a survey to all councillors in the UK to find out their views; this received 1,117 responses. The survey measured opinions rather than giving an exact view of what each local authority is planning; it gives an overview of councillors' views and opens up opportunities for further research into councils' strategies.

Some key results from the survey are:

  • The top priority for local councillors is improving road surfaces and reducing potholes.
  • Improving road safety and increasing use of public transport are also major priorities for councillors.
  • Councillors' priorities vary between parties; Conservative councillors are more likely to focus on road building, road surfaces and car parking.
  • Labour councillors are more likely to select road safety and the use of public transport, while Liberal Democrats are more likely to focus on cycling and walking.
  • Fifty per cent of local councillors said their transport budget would reduce over the next year, 14 per cent anticipated their transport budget reducing by more than 15 per cent.

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